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Well, hi

It's me, with no profile, at all...
So, this account seems rather abandoned, I know... but, despite the fact no one of the people I really spoken to way before when this website got created, left with no sign of their steps behind them, I decided to do the same...

I miss them all, yeah, but there's nothing I can actually do to get them back, maybe I can, but all is just useless, just saying.

But if you were my friend like, I don't know, 3 years ago? Or you want to be my friend, you can always hit me up in the following social media:

Instagram: @sanyiruu
Twitter: @Sanyiruu
deviantART: Sanyiruu
Discord: If I trust you enough.
Skype (barely active): super.mario.fan8424
Snapchat: If I trust you enough.

That's all, if you message me on any of these, please tell me who you are and where you're from (not country tho, website lol), I ain't no psychic lmao.

~Super_Mario~ does not have a Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS friend code.

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