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---About ~Nabbit~---

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Almost Forgot!

--RP info--

Spoiler: show

Stephano is a 16 year old teen.
Weapons(Any): ChairMode

Spoiler: show

Finn is a 13 year old who has a righteous heart and loves to help people but if you get on his bad don't want to know.
Weapon: Death Sword

Spoiler: show

Malcom is a 15 year old nerd who has alot of potential and his skills are being a total Genius, Hacker and Charming.
Weapons: (None)

Spoiler: show

David is 17 year old who enjoys ending lives and he does as a job, he also picks his targets randomly.
Weapon: Revolver

Spoiler: show

Omega is 17 year old werewolf he is kinda nice but shy.
Weapons(Fantasy): His Fangs, Claws and Strength.

<My OC> ----~Nabbit~---
Spoiler: show

Nabbit is a 17 year old boy who's passion is Parkouring.~Nabbit~ is a Vampire but he's friendly and he very charming btw he's brittish.
Weapons(Fantasy):His Strength.

--------Welcome to PlazaBroArmy(PBA)--------

Spoiler: show
To Join the PBA you must add the leader(me)
Stay awesome Bros! *Brofist*

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 4012-3756-2145

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