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(: Princessyisel (:

Add Yisel on snapchat cx @yisel_08 she's amazing (: :**

Name: Tony Rene Ortiz
Age: 17
B-day: 3/13
Hight: 5'6
Eyes Color: Black
Languages: English,Spanish and French
Race: Hispanic (Salvadorian)

Tony The Tiger show
Hey Tony, like I said before I was going to write this I'm not sure what to write, but it sure as heck is gonna be better than what are writing. For starters you are my BFF. I know cheesy but fr fr! I love ya . You really know how to keep a conversation going. Even if it's on the weirdest topic. you make me happy when I'm going through a lot and I'm always going to be there for you. I feel like I said that already. Who cares. .
But I want to stay friends with you forever twin and hopefully we do. I love every conversation we had. Even when they ended badly I still always felt bad afterwards and I thought you were not going to be my friend. I can't believe you put up with me. We've been friends for at least 8 months. May not be long but friendship can last a lifetime. Um what else I love you dork and sorry I'm not on all the time. But I do think about u. Occasionally! Not like a stalker! 0.0 I think Imma stop writing now so bye buddy

P.S/ I You Buddy!

Dear tony aka pollito lol well what can I say .. You're such a loser bestfriend you make me laugh with your stupiid autocorrect lol we text in like 4 different places #wecool cx and well umm you're a man with your little beard that is growing lol (: I'm trying to type this again cause you freaking did something and it deleted everything I put lol and I'm trying to think what I said on the last one but I can't remember so now I'm typing random shiit cx ok well I call you pollito cause you are one and um I love your eyebrows like you have better eyebrows than me -.- lmao I think I've tomld you that like a million times already haha anyway I think this is long enough ^-^ love you pollito :* Yisel wrote this lol ok well think it's not long enough so I'm ganna write a liddo more haha so like we seriously talk 24/7 and like we both have cooking class and we both think giraffes are cute lol and um we have a lot in common lol Pero anyway you is a great bestfriend lol we talk about random shiit like yesterday night we were talking about ... Lol I'm not even ganna say it but um yea Youre amazing pollito :* I'll keeping adding stuff along the way lol but for now I'm done wrting I'm literally like falling asleep lol but yea bye tony :*

#giraffesarehellacute :*


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Pics (updated+) show




Favorites show
8 Mile
Kick Ass 2
The Watch
A Haunted House 2
Mission Impossible
22 Jump Street
Need for Speed
The Cabin In The Woods
Scary Movie 3
Starving Games
Let's Be Cops
Final Destination 5
Project X
Paranormal Activity: TMO
Hungover Games
Bloody Mary
Furious 7

TV Shows
Wild N' Out
The South Park
Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files
The Big Bang Theory
Wizard Wars
The Fantasy Factory
Caught on camera

Lil Wayne - Krazy
No worries
Believe me
B.o.b - High as hell
Bobby shmurda ~ Hot Nigga
Tyler the creator - Yonkers
Tron cat
Eminem - Survival
Rap God
Whiz Khalifa - Ass Drop
Drake - 0 to 100 / Catch up
Started from the bottom
teeflii ~ This D
Rainbow Road
B!tch don't kill my vibe
Mac miller ~ Loud
Big Sean - idfwu
We dem boyz
Migos ~ Versace feat. drake
Fetty Wap ~ Trap queen
Flick of the wrist
Mi vecinita
Fanatica sensual
See you again
Que bonito amor
Dubstep - Disconnected
Meg and dia - Monster
Aero chord - Shooting starts. DDARK

Ali-a / More Ali-a
Sky Does Minecraft
Clash with cam
Elite Shot
Faze rain
Faze Adapt

Black Ops 2 Origins
The Outlast
Surgery simulator
The Stairs
Battlefield 4
Happy wheels
Call of duty: MW3
Cry of Fear
Alien Isolation
Outlast DLC
Life is strange
Unfair Mario
Five Nights at Freddy's
Call of duty: Advanced Warfare
Pizza Delivery
Garry's Mod
Watch Dogs
Call of duty: Ghost
Clash of clans
Mortal combat X

My console
Alienware Alpha

Saddest video I've ever saw ); show

With ~ PrincessYisel show


Great Time c': show


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(Kik me: _ThtN!qqaRene)

I don't accept random friend's requests!

Tony likes frijoles cx


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