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Uh... What do I put here?

Best Friends show

Cometwolf: My favorite RP buddy! We sometimes RP until 3:00AM!

PrincessPeach(PoisonCakes): An awesome friend! If you ever get the chances to meet her, she'll surprise you with her knowledge of Hetalia.

GermanBudi: My favorite German dude! When he's not playing Earthbound, he's RPing with me or playing forum games!

Pxneapple: Another great RP friend of mine, she's very weird, but also very awesome.

Samurott: She bishslaps everything. That's all I need to say.

RP Characters show

#1 - Arin

(RP Type: Fantasy) Arin is a master thief. He uses cards to summon objects(i.e: Swords, Lightning). He also uses them to condense objects and for a throwing weapon. Arin's a very agile person, being able to sneak around and attack his opponents. His greatest ability is the Demon Eyes. His eyes turn purple, and he becomes much stronger. The angrier he is, the stronger he becomes. In this state, he has a high resistance to pain, not even flinching if he's been stabbed. He also has a weird obsession with panties and loves stealing them off of girls.

Age: RP Dependant

#2 - Kaede

(RP Type: Any, Kaede adapts to the RP) Kaede is smart. His intellectual mind lets him understand a situation quickly and help his friends. He used to be the youngest military tactician in the world, but slipped up and got a whole army killed. This memory still haunts him now, as anything remotely related to it drives him mad. (Fantasy: If provoked, he has a much stronger form where his soul leaves his body and becomes a mindless murderer. This has caused him to lose many people close to him.)

Age: 16-22

#3 - Shun

(RP Type: Any) Shun is energetic. He's spontaneous, weird, and energetic. He loves to run around and just live life. He enjoys fighting, but will avoid it when he can. He can be a bit reckless sometimes; he has a healing factor he puts too much faith into. His healing factor is fast, but it takes a lot of energy out of him.

Age: 14-22

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Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 3394-4057-2206

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