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Oh Welcome To... The Land I Knew...

"One Day We Will All Live Our Legacy.
Whether It Be Now or the Day Before We Die.
Life isn't About Showing Your Worth.
It is About Proving Your Worth.
Not to Those Around You.
But to Yourself.
Because How Can You Love Someone or Something Else When You Can't Love Your Own Damn Self?
Now I'm not Asking You to Hike Mount Everest and Meditate for an Hour to Find Yourself.
I'm Asking You to Look Inside.
Dig Deeper Than You Thought Possible.
Beyond All the Suffering and Misery.
Beyond the Darkness We All Have in Our Hearts.
You Hear That Shouting From Down There?
That's You.
You Know How to Settle That Shouting?
Give Everyday Your Best.
All of You Men Here are Legends Just Waiting to be Found.
You are all Nighthawks."
-Kullen Mason, Rugby Captain

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