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im a dude who likes stuff.nuff said jkjk .i like old tv shows(like ed,edd,n eddy,rocketpower,catdog,rugrats,).i like teenage mutant ninja turtles.i like regular show.I like marvel and a boy.i like watching action,adventure,and horror movies.i love to party.i like creepypastas.i like telling jokes.i like pizza a lot so i wrote a song about it .i love pizza ,any piece of pizza yum yummy i want to eat yaa.if i could save time in a bottle the first thing i'd like to do is take a nap.i live in california.i like users that have a sense of humor.i don't like users that are screwed.

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quote from real ultron: Do you see the beauty of it?The inevitability? You rise only to fall.You avengers are my meteor,my swift and terrible sword and the earth will crack with the weight of your failure.purge me from your computers; turn my own flesh against means nothing, when the dust settles,the only thing living in this world will be metal.

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Wake from the graves
Walk from the graves
All come around
Rise from the ground
No place is safe
Death's what we face
Preparing a feast
A place full of beasts

Terrorizing the night
Screams fill the air
Blood's everywhere
No one left alive
Many of us have died

Spoiler: show

other stuff show
favorite heroes:batman,red hood,iron man,flash,thor

favorite villains: dr doom,magneto,vandal savage,joker

favorite color:green


age:a number

gender:boy duh

Grade: sophomore aka 10th grade

favorite foodizza,ice cream,chicken,

b-day:July 10

Catchphrase: Cowabunga

First friend on plaza ever:kittenremo,you will be missed 😢

Weapon of choice:kitanas

Favorite shows:Tmnt,my favorite is the 2012 one
Pokemon,my favorites are indigo league and advanced
Regular show
Avatar the last airbender
Gravity falls
Teen titans

profile done by ultron5 :3

remember reality is an illusion,the universe is a holagram,buy gold me sometime and feel free to ask me any questions in the comments and friend me if you want I enjoy making new friends.later

songs I like show
so happy together
pale blue eyes
Escape (the piña colada song)
Ballroom blitz
Livin on a prayer
Pretty sure there's more but I can't remember

until we meet again 🙋
Rate me on my profile I guess
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