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Hello y'all ik y'all missed me so I am comin back soon or later. So I was thinkin if my mom gunna 2 pick up my cousin becuz she wanted 2 come over here dis summer. So I got 2 controlers 4 my ps3 so yeah she is nice though. So my mom been marry over 5 weeks now so I got a step dad so I very happy I got a dad. So I write some more soon kik me keshauniscool so see y'all soon. n also i am 14

i put more pics soon or later.

lebron james make 10 points on the game. so yeah my favorite team of all time

Rey Mysterious unmask
[IMG] [/IMG]

[IMG] [/IMG]

My girl Ariana grande she look so sexy

[IMG] [/IMG]

Follow Ariana grande on twitter or instagram.

relationship status
in luv[xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]

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my bday is: April 4
my number: uhh my mom let me call my bff so naw i not takin my house number out

bff name: Roderick, Avante, Kamron, Montrell, Dontrell, n Brentoni

my kik: ask
my instagram: ask
my facebook: kj keepittouchyall jackson

dats all i gunna do i am on kik every single time i will always talk 2 any1 on kik. so if u wanna kik me its on there thank you.

my song future honest

[img] [/img]
franklin from gta 5

[img] [/img]

doe b 2 many ft. rich homie quan

[img] [/img]

john cena

[img] [/img]

[img] [/img]

the boondock pic

[img] [/img]

[img] [/img]

[img] [/img]

[img] [/img]

[img] [/img]

[img] [/img]

[IMG] [/IMG]

[IMG] [/IMG]

Me n Waylon talkin n mom heard the conversation

Me- Waylon wat in the hell u twerkin

Waylon- becuz I got dat from girls

Me- damnnn my nigga u [email protected]

Waylon- I am not

Me- quit lyinn

Mom- y'all shut the hell up I tryin watch t.v. dont make come back there slap u

Me- Waylon shut up mom heard us conversation

Waylon- OK I also ain't [email protected]

Me- u r [email protected] don't play

Mom came n the room n slap us

Me- wat the heck mom

Waylon- owwwwww

Mom slap us again n she left

Me- Waylon I bout 2 beat ur ass

Waylon- do it dumbass

Now dats the worst story of my life my mom slap me yea I get slap n punished problem pm me.

I kinda think I had a very long story but y'all say where swaggflyback story yet don't worry it comin soon pm me everybody

YouTube channel keshaun stayflyy

[IMG] [/IMG]

[IMG] [/IMG]

new 3ds nobody cant add me only the cute gurls n boys

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 3153-3496-4717

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