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my best friends: soulsgirl,hunter,djwolfsong,marcythevamp,spector. the sexy crew members .soulsgirl.hunter.dgwolfsong be sexy u guys fav band:linkin park -and imagine dragons-fav food: :tacos:


only now you've been high when your feeling low only hat the road when you miss home only know you love her when you let her go

you let her go- this is for soulsgirl and lovebug amd hunter ppl that love me and care for me i miss them

you can be the greatest you can be the best you can be king kong banging on you chest you can beat to world you can beat the war you can talk to god go banging his door you throw your hand up you can be the clock you can move mountains you can break rocks you can be a master dont wait for luck dedicate yor self youll find your self standing in the hall of fame- to my sexy empire I HAVE FACEBOOK ITS:larry aquino it has a flaming skull on it and my other name is viper thx

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