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I am a girl I like puppy's,kittens,fish,cats,dogs,horses,And at home I have 3 cats,2 kittens,4 gold fish,and 1 sucker fish and on stuff like shirt's or pants or any other clothes my favorite designs are hearts,hello kitty,bow ties,rainbow's,unicorns,and animals My favorite lunch is fish sandwiches and my favorite desert is and my favorite drink is Pepsi plus my favorite color is blue and if you ask what type of blue it's all off them! my favorite toy is firepopers and all that kind off stuff I don't have a 3ds so don't ask please i only have a ds,PlayStation 1,PlayStation 2, Nintendo 64,and a x box360 I was born in Ohio my birthday is August 29!

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my best friends list is not in order so please do not cry

Edgee: We met in the chat rooms one day and got to know each other.

Escobj1:He helped me with something.



sarah1 does not have a Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS friend code.

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