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I am a boy, and am 10. And i got a girl and i am proud about it, SO DONT GET IN MY WAY!

don't judge me.

my real name is Jacob.

the reason my username is s332767359, is because it was my shcool username for two years so it is easy to remenber.

I am a software programer and i can type code.
ps. dont pm me saying...oh,prove it! or things like that. it is not that easy.

in my spare time i take things apart and fix them,or make them into new things, and i have fun smashing the scraps with the pounder i made out of a snow blower.

i am a big fan of mike myers, jim carey, and adam sandler.

I like all daft punk songs.

my favrote kind of music is dubstep and drum and bass.

you are all cool and epic. respect me please! (:

leave a coment!

[plese note that all bad or deceitful coments will de eraced]
so if ya dont got nothin' nice to come out your pie hole, dont say it at all.





in love BIGTIME:yes


provence: ontario

favorite food:BACON! p.s. me go koo koo for bacon.

favorite bands: daft punk, rush p.s. NOT big time rush, skrillex,
and some led zeplen.

favorite user: epickame!

favorite website:3ds plaza

my website: i havent got it on google yet so it is a url right now.

my favorite catch fraise is from some youtube videos called the lazor collection. you probably know this... IMA FIREIN MEH LASOR... BWAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!. well that is pretty much what it is about. however there is a character in it called... docter octogon a pus. and he yells DOCTER OCTOGONAPUS and then... fires his lazor BWAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

I do profiles, so pm me about it if you want yours done!

(var i=1;1000000‹i;i ){console.log(i);}

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 4828-4704-5454

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