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my name is roxanne (roxy). im 15 years old. location: california, USA i enjoy mangas, anime, playing my 3ds and hanging out with my friends. i'm kind've a nerd ! ;3 i like all kinds of music my favorites being rock and heavy metal. i love to chat and recieve pms. if u want to add me on 3ds just let me know and my fc is down below.

favorite animes: girls bravo, highschool of the dead, yugioh, d-gray man, rosario+ vampire, ouran highschool host club, corpse princess, death note, iwatobi swim club, love lab,kamisama kiss, occult acadmy, black butler, sword art online,blue exorcist, kamisama kiss, my bride is a mermaid, etc...

fav video games: legend of zelda ,pokemon, mario, animal crossing, harvest moon, fire emblem awakening, kid icarus uprising

fav movies: lord of the rings, underworld, resident evil, horror, action

favorite bands:
-black sabbath
-led zeppelin
-iron maiden
-gamma ray
-tenacious d

bored [x]
happy [xxx]
sad []

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besties: (if u wanna be on the list just let me know) not in order btw

joe13- dis is my bro. we known each other for a while like 2 years. you funny, random, and we think so much alike. love ya bro. you're always there for me and i appreciate you for it. hopefully the good times never end

-damiangamer- this is another great buddeh. he funny/cray cray plus super sweet. love ya buddeh

-This awesome dude
Hey its Huggybear (Shawn/bladerunner) I just wanted to say that your sweet, nice, caring, funny, and beautiful. I love you alot bye

-martymcfly: this guy is my bestie. he has great taste and a love for all thing old skool. just like me. we just met but it's like we've known each other a lifetime. our ship name is dyanne. he's my old man and i'm his old lady love u bestie <3

-chuki (adrian):
an awesome bestie and a total sweetie. hes a joy to be around



-TrainerRed1 (carlitos/kirito)

-Vocaloidfan13 (artie-chan)

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 2921-9660-8953

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