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Name: Bob..the potato...
MALE (Duhh;3)
14(still young...)
taken[xxxx] by wife Amanda256 I love you 11-16-13 (Yay<33)

You're the one that's always there
You're the one I can count on
You're the babe forever and ever
Add and pm me (better add my baby =3= from: wifey)

if you ever killed yourself id kill myself to be with you

everytime you say I LOVE YOU it brightens my day even if im through the worst of times

youre my only love and I love you more than you think

anything for you babe

Hey show
Hey Hubby! It's me your beloved wifey<3 6 months<3 best months of my life!!!! love you baby!

Some changes were made by: your wifey

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