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Blah blah blah blah blah bloo blee blop blee blah something something something blah blah blah words words stuff more stuff more words yadda yadda yadda blah blah words words something something something something important blah blah blah, and thats how I ate a baby by accident.

You may be wondering who I am, what I do, where I live, what I eat, where I eat, what's my most favorite Pirate Metal/Wizard Rock Band of the 1980's to 1990's specifically in the region of southern France.

Well my friend, I'm going to tell you my whole life story starting from the beginning...

24 months ago in a village palace I was born without a body, and as such I was never born, I have always existed in space time and space camp. Now this space camp was really cool and had this simulator thingy that simulated stuff like space and the movie Gravity (best movie A+/8). At the age of five I was reborn without a face but with a passion of flute playing. It was really hard. By three years old I have already mastered the art of pooping without effort, I regret this skill. I once ate an orange cows heart. Three years later at the age of eight I began my training as a professional boxer, but since I was so good I gave up because of the pressure of balancing boxing with my family. I was 12 years old when I got abducted by some aliens, it was pretty cool I guess. I gave birth to my son, but then promptly unbirthed him because due to my male anatom I am physically unable to give birth to children, unless I try hard enough. I always liked music, like that one song about Russia and how great a city it is. Eventually I decided to take my chances and ask out the girl of my dreans. Turns out she is actually a duck and I never left the bathroom. An old man walked up to me. He said,"Hey kid u want some bananas?". Old men are becoming a large problem these days. As a business owner I believe that everyone can become successful, so here are my stepz 2 starz: 1.Make sure you are covered in lots of wall paper specifically of the planet pluto 2.What is the 3.Believe in a higher power 4.Motivational_Crunches.exe.It was 34 years since I have. Did you know that about 30 dead babies can fit in the average US bathtub? I didn't hit her. Sometimes I wonder if I sneeze when I sleep. The Giver by Lois Lowry is a novel about a boy chosen to become the Receiver of Memories, chosen to carry the burden of all others, in a deceptively utopian, but truly dystopian community. As he learns more of what is beyond, he begins to see what his community truly is, leading to a thrilling and meaningfull story that commentates on our own perceptions of happiness and safety, and ponders on what truly is living, and what is worth living for. I give this novel a solid 8/10, a must read for those who wants to receive some memories. The movie was eeehhh. I almost watched Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation, 10/Q. What is the purpose of us? If we truly are the only intelligent beings in the universe, If we all die off, what is the purpose of the universe? Is it the only purpose of the universe to be experienced? Is it our purpose to experience the universe? Are we intertwined with the universe? Did the universe create us to give itself purpose? Is the universe sentient? Now I know what you thinking right now, "how are you such an attractive mlg pro 360 noscoping Faze Optic Clan god?" I don't really know. Now as a professional baseball tackler I have important life tips I will give you. Tip one: Just the tip. Tip two: tip one. As you can see the, best strategy in Bungies latest MMORPGRTSFPS Card Game is to make sure you always have an ample amount orange juice to keep that JO up. We are all just beings of existence, concentrations of energy that culminates from the inner spirit that we all are to be all to become in all of everything in us in all of inside of our outer inner of existence of our inside outside sideways of everything that has ever existed in existence that existed inside of us within us of all of everything of the reality of the insides of the reality we are living in in all of everything of with there is existence existing in all of existence that exists for existing of everything that I have ever seen that tastes good because in reality taste is just an idea created by the insides of our mind that we have not seen in reality due to our limited knowledge of the outer sphere, the beyond, where we all truly be as a whole in all and everything in all as a circle, a circle of life, death, and existence. You don't understand that we are all are of everything beyond what we truly see and not see for what we go beyond what everything is of all. EVERYONE RED ALERT BIG ALERT EVERYONE PLS SEND NUDES WITH NO NUDITY I NEED THIS FOR A PROJECT ITS IMPORTANT YOUR NON-NUDE NUDES WILL BE SAFE FOR ME IT WILL BE OK SEND TO [email protected]@MAIL.ORG I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH THERE MUST BE NO NUDITY NO NUDITY ONLY ACCEPT NON-NUDE NUDES NUDES = BAD NON-NUDE NUDES = GOOD DO NOT WORRY IT IS SAFE PLEASE PM ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED AGAIN ITS [email protected]@MAIL.ORG IF YOU ALSO WANT TO SEND ME PUNS THIS IS EVEN MORE IMPORTANT IF YOU WANT TO SEND ME PUNS OF ANY KIND BIRD PUNS SKY PUNS CAR PUNS ALL THE PUNS IF YOU WANT TO SEND PUNS PLEASE PM ME YOUR PUNS I NEED PUNS AND I NEED THEM NOW I NEED THEM FOR A PROJECT YOUR PUNS WILL BE SAFE. It's all a lie, 9/11 was in fact perpetrated by the American Non-American Association of Associating Associations, it's all illuminati. 3+3+3 there are three numbers, illuminati confirmed. 3 is a 3, illuminati confirmed. Think of a triangle, mind triangle, illuminati confirmed. Look at the sky, illuminati confirmed. triangle, illuminati confirmed. illuminati, illuminati confirmed. Did you know that you can fit aproxamately 21 dead babies in a bathtub, illuminati confirmed. triangle haves 4 letters, illuminati confirmed. Do you see now, see that in reality there is no reality, an so in a sense there is both reality and non reality all in one reality that is also not a reality. Its all just there, just existing. In its very being, within its smallest denominations, it is nothing, only ideas. Its just there, just being. One time today of yesterday if did it of course always traversing the things that if you want of the things that cause whatever who makes in the relation to destroy of the things that you think that you felt of how many of the what is the thing by who is many in time of pages in the thing that you think of is yesterday of himself throughout the alpha of the timber in waveform of hydrogen oxygen of gem of the crop of the cream of increment by the thunderous of relaying of energies of stars that you in him as it may converse depend interview? As you can not see to be great you need to understand that not all things are simply causal in things relating to starting. By definition of dependents and recessives based on books by the division of otherworld, things involving such parameters are in such ways involving. As such, to believe in detrementizing of deferrents is to be considered analogous to destride the implicating alphaze that in line causes perduousern. So to solute the current preferences that intertwines parallel waveforms, one must meander into the strange indices whos appelation is considered to be interbetane in the f'ing bs whohohoh. Did you know, Rick and Morty was invented by Albert Einstein. Now you know. Hi, it is me, Alphezi Morenaro, and I'm here to bring you a new product, desk blocks. Have you ever wanted to put blocks on you table well now you can with desk blocks. You can do anything with them, put blocks on your desk, place blocks on your desk, have blocks exist on the surface on your desk, make the atoms of one side of the block be in contact with the atoms on the top surface of the table, occupy an area of space on a tables surface with the block, have your friend place a block on your table, use a contraption to carry the block onto the table and place it in a way where the block is in contact with the tables surface. For only 1 easy payment of whatever you too can own desk blocks because I don't care anymore you can get these for free call 1-800-deskblocks thats come on down and have a desk block and if you call in the next minutes you can get two deskblocks for half the price, thats right. A warning to us all john Wick ffrom fortnut is in trouble and he needs your help. All hen eeds is your ligma, sugma, an your epic gamer time to give him thepower he needs to defeatsob why do I even try I should just kill myself nothing matters except for these epic gamer wins becasue even though I want to kill myself I am undboutedly the most epic and bset pro epic gamer to exist as of right now I ama getting the victory royale against these terrorists who threaten our own gamer lives. RISe uP Gamers and fight this oppression that we all face.

If you would like to contact me for legal consultation, send me an email to [email protected]

note to self do not build a shelf

like zoinks scoob

I may or may not have gone by the handle ZigZagger#7774 on Discord

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 1234-5678-9999

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