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*Note*My sister and I share this account*Note*

Hello! My name is Joseph, or Josh, whichever you'd prefer. I am 13 years old and live in ------. Here is some info about me...

Likes: Cookies, SCHOOL, dogs, cats, my pet mouse, Van Halen(He is at my mom's friend's house...^^), Pokemon, EEVEE!!, and my friends.

Dislikes: Bullies, Racism, uh...thats it. X3

RP Chars show

Name: Jolt
Age: 2 1/2 (12)
Gender: Male
Species: Pokemon(Jolteon)
Looks: He looks like a regular Jolteon, except he always wears black sports glasses that his first trainer gave him before he died.
Personality: He is usually nice to every he meets or know unless they did something to him or his friends. He can also be very shy at times, and is a very optimistic poke.

Name: Takou
Age: 3(16)
Gender: Male
Mated: No
Looks: He is a pure white wolf with brown eyes.
Personality: He still acts young and immature at times, but can also be very fierce and protective.
Skills: He is a master at combat, having to fend for himself, being abandon as a cub. He is also extremly fast and athletic, and has lots of stamina, but is not really good at problem solving.

Name: Tyvalia
Age: Teen
Gender: Female
Species: Nine-tailed fox
Personality: She is caring, and is overly-trusting, thus being tricked a lot.
She doesn't like humans, due to what they had done to her family.
[img] android-att-us&source=android-browser-type&v=141239410&qsubts=1425526423662&q=images+of+nine-tailed+fox+animated[/img]

Other Accounts:

(Twitter Josh_The_Eevee
(Facebook Joseph Smith (Ugh...I hate that name!!)
(Reddit Shiny_Eevee


Okay! See ya guys later!

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 5472-7158-7975

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