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all theese people keep telling me their problems so here is something to al lof you. if your in a bad place. if you have alot of regrets and if you have done something unforgiveable you can move are here right youve made it this far. every problem is a test and there is no right or wrong answer its how you push through.i refuse to see more people commit suicide because they think they have no strength. to be honest depressed people are the strongest people i know. people with depression live every day with unbearable pain and a lust to be loved everyday. you fight every day just to stay alive.i wont say i know how you feel because every single person is different but i know if we have made it this far there is absolutely no reason we should give up now. somebody else is dealing with our same problems and i think that after going through what weve gone through we can help all of them.

keep fighting,


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