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So this is it, goodbye

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Favorite color: Purple!

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Heyyy ppl o.o this is prince here cx i need 2 tell u this girl is amazing ;o talk 2 her shes funny amazing and wonderful ;o im her most important family memeber cuz well im a baby o.o a baby who acts mor mature then her hehe i love piee so does she so feed her piee o.o Oooooo another thing she hug u alot soo be careful u have been warned .o. i loves u meggerz or meggy or meg or moo meg cx hehe she wuvs every1 <3 hehe nd if u mess with her iswear u will get hurt o.o i might be a little over protective over her o-e sorry meggy o-e well i need 2 go back 2 my account bub byee meggy prince/hamaadman/baby bro/ur bffffffffff/ gonna be king soon ;o byee

Hey sis! ;D I love you to death! You always know how to make people smile and your always their for me. You will always be in my heart! Luff yah! Btw: YOUR BEAUTIFUL NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS!<3 ~AllieRawr

HOLY CRAP! You've blown my mind! I've never met a person so beautiful talented or brave! You get up every day and fight with out giving 2 thoughts. Not only that but your so loving to your freinds~Evan

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