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everyone calm down- it's just the greatest person ever here. (p.s. i am garyan01 from way back. forgot my password . i have a few rp tags, but we can go there later. i like Doctor Who.....ALOT. my username was going to be legendary waffle except it was cut out.
and yes, ladies. i am awesome (cause that's how i roll )

okay now we can talk rp.
1. Dale Copper. Age:17 (fantasy)powers: regeneration, healing, lasers, flight. personality: can be calm in even tight situations. but serious when needed. (p.s. during romance rp's he is a bit more shy.)
2. Kyru: age: none weapons: breaker blade, staff of flame person: immortal being. rarely trusts others and bound himself to guard the world.

John Baxter: age: whatever Dale's is :weapons: everything Dale has person: is Dale's only recorded regeneration. Doctor Who fans know about regeneration, for Dale changes almost completely. But remembers everything. is perky and talks alot. But gets serious quickly.
James: age:17 ability:melee desc: is protective of friends even though he can't fight or defend very well.

My real name is Gabe...tada
i am a expert-in-training gamer.
I have a self-esteem rate of 99.9%
i have similar usernames for alot of the games i play:
Happy Wars:LegendaryWaffle
Realm of the Mad God:LegendWaff
but not always...

And now what would I be without putting out my best friend list thing?

Shyness: Very good friend. And when we meet we go by these names: shy-chan and waffle-kun. But I have no idea what dat means .
yui64:hands down, best person to rp with
janieboo: yeah, calls me Dahila (boy or girl name? ) and i say Dip. some kind of friendly rivalry thing.

Don't virtually hurt me if i forgot some one, and i guess my friends here are mostly female mostly because i don't like shrek is love :/

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 0232-7745-8235

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