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ima fake buster if u need help pm me the user name or copy that image and goto tin eye

hey yall i'm from a little old farm town in lower slower delaware its called laurel. im a boss gamer but no nerd for sure i play football, ive played since 4th grade i would have played this season but i nearly tore my acl broke my tibia really and all before football season and will crack dem sum B!tch$ who said i can't and their first year was this one the 2013 season.
Faviorite movies:convoy, smokey and bandit 1 ,expendables 2
Favorite songs: sexy and i know it ,convoy ,east bound and down,5150,hero,monster ,thrift shop, timber rapgod, and im not afraid turn down for what wiggle wiggle

To all ya haters, LEAVE.
[/green]and if u add me pm me first so i know who you are[/green]

love yall my name is Jacob Larson and im out peace

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yay i got ma first hater its dallas

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