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Let's start!

Favourite colour: pink and blueee
Hair colour: black
Eye colour: dark brown
Fav games: mario games
Fav movie: Frozen
Fav group: Little Mix
Fav food: donna wrap and sensation crisps ... mmm... mmm mmm. Oh yeahhh
Fav animal: parrots
What do i do in my spare time:
lots of things but now i spend most my time after school doing homework - so Bo-ring!
Joined: can't really remember

Wierd But Cool Fact About Me:
I used to have a parrot,two budgies,four fish and a cute rabbit but they died and we gave our parrot away but we still have one fish left.
Don`t acually know why I wrote that...

I go on my (that is meant to be a dsi) on this and sometimes the computer or the tablet.

Don't forget to add me as a friend and PM me. thanx!
I won`t bite! Promise.

I also have a sister on this you can add her
the names sunshine

How would you rate 3ds plaza

1. boring
2. fun
3. nice
4. annoying
5. stupid

sis i hacKed ur profile!

from sunshine!

By The Way!
Feb 2015

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 1248-8240-0286

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