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rp character # 1: person from the future that can do anything anytime anywhere, known as M. Wears a whit labcoat, usually, with blue jeans, and usually a dark green t-shirt. Fairly tall, messy, semi-short hair, always wears black converse.

rp character #2 : shapeshifter, known as imaw

rp character #3 : a innocent bystander

rp character #4: wolf guy, not a werewolf.

Some Plaza stuff about me show

my ID may also be off, so read the blue above at the top.

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Best Friends On Plaza List!

Matt80- He would be (if i had one) my one-of-a-kind, tea drinking, top-hat wearing insanely awesome bro. I'm here for ya bro!

Cometwolf- She's some what of sad face, buuuut, When were RP'ing, she's that Doctor Who lovin, (kinda) Energetic, totally awesome person, and she'd be a cool sister.

Primcesspeach: You know that one person your never sure about (this line goes for Cometwolf as well : P ), well, she is. Of course, she's a great RP'er, and always there for me. She'd be a awesome sister as well.

PartyDon'tStart- He's that oddball of a friend that's a slight inappropriate almost always. He is of course pretty cool, and he's there for me. I'd rather have him as a freind i've known forever then a sibling though

then theres XxNintendoCraftxX, Whos pretty cool. Good friend o' mine. We rp a lot.

Mods i really like, from the best to well, the best! show


End show

Yes. This is the end.

imawsome12 does not have a Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS friend code.

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