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hi it's me hjzgamer i just left my old profile for this one hjz you can still call me hjzgamer or hjz also i am 18 a boy i speak medium spanish like not a lot but some also a Nicaraguan i am bada$$ too i like to think a lot like daydream mostly about nature like animals and stuff just like way of nature and i like music like rap and hip hop and my favorite rappers are lil wayne,rick ross,soulja boy,2 chainz,drake,tyga,mgk and my favorite band is gorillaz they are awesome
mood i am in: just ok

happy: all the time

bored: most times yes when i have nothing to do

single: yes

mad: only if you bully or hurt my friends i will get angry[/red]

silly: most times i do i do it because i want to cheer my friends up

nice: yes

my best friends:

twinkz: my best friend and close friend too when i first came on here she was a good friend to me we had lots of fun and stuff first time you meet her you might think why random but once you get to know her she all fun

darknight: he is like a bro to me same like me nice and good but just not bada$$ i am like being bad but also he also good person too it's like this h good angel i am demon one but just good too

LILBRO: one my oldest friends he and i like the same songs and he sort of bad and good it's like me darkight just lil bro in the middle when i am bad ad daright good.

tozingirl13: a good friend of mine and aweoms to talk to no lie she is a gorillaz fan and i she is cool too

sk8ter: one of mine goodest friends she is fun to with most times but also a good person to talk too

dagr8est101: well she a good friend of mine nice and cool she seems a bit bada$$ too but yeah fun to be with also

yellowlicious: she left 3dsplaza but if she was here this what i gotta say i know we had our good and bad times i know we did and you been there for me i been there for you aight yellowlicous your a close friend to me your the best too


janethekiller: she is awesome friend she fun to rp with and fun to talk to she a good friend to me and once you get to know her she is cool aight

texasgirl: funny to rp with and talk too and cool too get to know her too aight because she is all fun she is

luvswag16: she is a good friend still little kid X3 but still fun to rp and talk to she won't bite she will hit you with her hammer man yeah

jacarria: well just a good friend leaves around my state but she cool got swag and totally a cool chick

taratara: just a good rp friend

legoliker: an old friend of mine he always cool little dude with a happy mode all the time get to know him he is great

tamos14: one of my old friends and goodest too

iceprincess72: just a friend

smommyab: just a friend a good one too

akeem: a friend i known for a long time and great too

tom35710: this girl has to be most goodest friend for me because she understands me with my life she is bada$$ and i never a bada$$ chick and all for you guys or girls watch out get in her bad side i swear you might regret that and you have to go through me to get to this chick because she most coolest girl

carmenmariee: awesome girl also fun to be with in rp and cool best friend too

kelsey11: she a great friend she is nice and good to talk too

pammycakes: just a friend and a good one i remmeber way back awesome too

cheyanne13: a good friend and funny with rp and acting

armygirl234: a good friend of mine always fun to be with and talk too

hellokitty99: a friend of mine also has the same race of mine nicaraguan and a good friend to walk too and fun to be with it

gabriellew116: a very good friend of mine who knows how i feel

love21: a girl i just met she fun with rp

epicfire: a friend also epicfire bro is on his profile too he is great and good to rp with

dude98: i guy that i known in my school he is a friend of mine

deadpunk: we had fights and stuff and we still friends and all she a cool girl i would do anything to protect her from anything even get myself hurt thats how much she means a friend to me and i always watch her back and she does too

brunhilda: well just a good friend from the first came in she been my friend taught a whole lot of stuff about this place

catgamer1211: dude98 sis know her she also maybe a good friend get to known her too
and don't forget i have your back i'll be there if someone is bothering you or bullying too i'll protect you from them alright pm me for help with that

note to haters: look i been hating by sometimes they hate for no reason or anything so haters back off me or my friends i won't don't do anything unless you temp me a bit to far and i will get real aight so back off me or my friends or anybody many of haters don't know what i been through in my life

my close friends i trust (you gotta trust them when i mean it):

darkknight: he is been there for me when i am down and i always been there for him he like a bro to me but i am older one i guess you can say i his older bro that watchs him out when down look once you get to know this dude you might laugh or have fun too

tom35710: like i said on my friends list she cool she and i will protect ya well mostly me depends on the trouble but ya she just coolest girl i know

twinkz: one my oldest friends and she can help ya with problems when your down once you talked to her your back on your legs and start new

deadpunk: she and i had some problems and we had our differences in a year now but i know we had some fights and some good times but she is awesome no lie she a cool girl to be with and fun too

lilbro: my cool dude i know he will protect ya a$$ and i mean it so yeah

and i think thats it you can be on my close friend list if ya get to know me better and my life and my life is private no other person that my close friends can know it if i know you longer than a year or month or week i can tell ya a few things

my bext friend in real life(some you might know because your my friend in real life):


thats all some i know a lot of peoples name but i don't if counted for friends 030

and everyone else in my friend list is a great friend and good talk too get to know these people in my about me list and my friend list and peaces everyone and meet you in the chatrooms to talk or chat peaces


me: don't judge either -_- ya do i will find you and make wish you had not got it

thats all leave a comment what ya think again don't judge -_-________________________________________________________________

drawings(finally i am now able to put my drawing on here give a comment if ya like took me long to draw by heart and thanks to my friend for showing me how to put it on here )

this one man takes up a lot of memory where i was this was before i was all who i am now but yeah.. besides the electric guitar i had a guitar to sing with regular one

this a drawing i did for my friends we have some webcomic thing i can't tell but thats how the characters would look as


ok this from a girl who requested me on socialneko pewdiecry it was some anime she watched and i took my best time to make it

this one is when i was bored thought i should i drew a bada$$ character to represent my dark side how people see of me

my newest drawing now on 4/10/14 this is for a part of my web comic my firends and i making

comment to rate on this i will make more and show to you all ya all got to see my newest drawing and tell me if i should make one for ya aight peace and thank you for looking and caring


rp chracters(sometimes i am go to the rp chatroom and do my rp chacters or not):

name: zeke

infoon of death and guardian of life and death i have lights blood and deaths blood in me i was born by my mother who is the a soul collector.

abilities: can uses dark and light magic can uses dark to kill and also control weak enemies and light to heal no revive the dead also can float in the air to fly place to place.

Age: 16 now but is a bit immmortal he can live for many years never turning old but can be killed when using it's ultimate form causing his death heart to break and his body too crushing ever single thing to embrace his true form.

behavior: only nice when light is embrace or let out like if i am happy it comes out with smiles controling the body for the dark can be cruel and mean all the time he could kill or harm anyone who test or hurts him his quote is blood can never be unspilled so let me end yo quick before your loss of blood can. finally the normal state is neutral it’s his only form that he can contain while the 2 sides of light and dark don’t control to harm or talk to people.

looks[normal form]: has a tail of a monkey,black hair,uses swords of life and death blood(uses both in left dark sword and right light sword swords to zeke his way of drawing out swords are different others would pull out from sword holders but for him he pulls it out of his blood.) and black shirt,green and black stripes on his hat,camouflage color shorts and black and green mix in a brand called DC shoes

looks[dark form]: black shirt,pants and same shoes green eyes hoodie worn time to time by the type of day it is if night hoodie and day no hoodie.

how dark side of zeke acts in battle: dark power goes through my body and has a demon in his body to let out and kill everything in it's way no matter friend or foe this just when the he is too deep into darkness only few can pull him out of it only friends can pull the dark away from him (little info about the dark form no one else can see the dark selfs of his side only him the only way they can connect is by night or in his head while the dark form taking over his body people may see his dark time to time if he lets it out fully once the dark self comes out in night he gives zeke advice about strentgh and the arts of evil and artificial natural of death path. )

looks[light form]: has greek robes to represent light or a guardian he can only wear it in day in night he sticks to normal clothing of the normal state.

light side of zeke acts in battle: light running through my body and uses his light to protect others and kill when needed to can heal like before and revive anyone but depends how damage the body is may take longer than a hour to heal fully.( as like the death form only zeke can see his light side by day he can’t control the body of zeke fully time to time if he is desperate to help out someone he would come out or stop dark from overcoming zeke’s body when he is seen in day he comes out same way with dark but with the both still no one can see them only zeke and light same with dark he is seen only time to time to people when he comes like i said fully only by zeke body, but yeah when he is seen by day he can tell or do the same as dark does tell him advice and the opposite of artificial natural of dark path it is natural era of lights path.)

looks[ultimate form dark and light power]: one side of the right body is light and left side is dark the behavior unknown sometimes power is unlimited may kill or not it's friend or foe with their reaction this form only comes when enough power and may kill the himself when using too much power making his body break and death heart broken reason why it is hurting him is because with zeke teen body he is not fully mature to adult form which allows him to contain the form but since deaths ultimate form and guardian of light also from any further fights from the supreme overlords of justice the galactic that keep peace in space and worlds together.

the light and death blood swords:the blood swords of light and dark take anything that hit by it takes little by little parts like if a sword was hit by this this little parts of the sword will be shape to blood little by little it will take a long time till the whole thing gone.lastly these swords can only be touched by only bloods of what zeke has same with death's scythe nobody can touch only deaths for him so only a blood from a death family or other deaths in the plnaet he is on can touch for anyone else it will vanish back to his blood because the blood types are different than his.


family list(on this website)

Dad: me o3o


brothers: darkknight,dude98,lilbro



i'll put you once i get to know ya aight


songs i like:

1: no worries - with lil wayne thats my favorite [censored] -

2: harlam shake -in my school we are doing and so am i -

3: homies still: with lil wayne and big sean i gotta admit this song is damn good

4: dark shades -with birdman and lil wayne -

5: mercy- with kayne west,pusha t, 2 chainz and big sean-

6: soulja tell'em crank that

7: on my way -with mgk-

8: wild boy -with mgk and waka flocka-

9: soulja boy tell'em turn my swag on -still listen to it like it-

10: walk it out

thats all my favorites for now until new songs come up

favorite tv shows:


rob and big: goood show with 2 guys having fun and a few laughs too whats more better besides that dog too is a bit funny.

amazing world of gumball: funny show in weird ways i just don't undersatnd what the happening

adventure time: love finn and jake and there funny adventures to place to place

regular show: funny a$$ show and awesome too with mordecai and rigby and there weird adventures or stuff

rob dyrdek fntasy factory: where [censored] happens and funny happens in most painful or funny way

ridiculousness: another show with rob dyrdek faovrite celebrity with some funny clips and show cast people

amtv: some thing in the morning to watch for songs
and stuff

random pics show

this what i might be if i was 2d and russel

gorillaz x-ray what they think

the characters from the band gorillaz

this a photo i found when i put gorillaz and adventure time

lil wayne my[/img]

favorite rapper

mgk(machine gun kelly) hand sign

wild arm 3(i love the series i never played it i wish i can but i played the demo before in my jampack when little and also jampack was my first game given to my mother i loved playing it a lot but yeah)

the main characters in wild arm 3

there enemies



janus(my favorite sort fits my dark side)

schrodinger and there little bodygaurd(afro guy):

my favorites in wild arm 3:

clive(he just like me a bit with my focus side and stuff)

jet(just a bit of my don't care side mostly of me)

kingdom hearts signs of every type

i feel to much dark in me in my life i feel like this i don't know why a dark me with a heart on my hand telling me the right and wrong in my path

but it's like i have a light side and dark and can't choose which path is the right one for me in heart i wish i can but i just can't choose don't know why......

this pic is from a game a like called kingdom hearts i always love the character roxas

funny dbz pics

dbz goku vs broly

goku and vegeta vs raditz(gokus brother) and broly(hates goku a lot)

goku ssj3 vs kid buu

broly Gigantic Meteor in buodokai tenkaichi 3

just can't laughing at this

funny pics of link

i found this pic from ted the movie


funny dog pic i found

love these 2

mcdonalds vs buger king o3o the clown down


favorite celebrities:

rob dyrdek: funny guy in all his showsp

lil wayne: cool rapper and his songs are good too

mgk: a rapper with his own ways of cool and songs too

i might think more of celebrities later peace


favorite youtube channels and stuff i like to watch:

pewdiepie: i like his vids very funny like bully,dead space,anemisa and any random other games

madness: it's not a channel but it's something i watch it just really just madness thats all check it up madness combat 1 to 10

music remixs: some music i might here remixs like kingdom hearts for example kingdom hearts axel theme remix and sanctuary remix too also some others in games or some new music.

gonzossm: funny animations favorites of mine what happen to megaman and others

thats all i know that i watch on youtube for now
also: if you want to play with me on sas zombie assault 3 pm me i'll play this game is only in computer by the way
love doctor and love match maker: know why i am that way because i can really find you a love for you ok don't believe me ask heman ad ajja55 i both helped them find love now so if your lonely or just looking for a perfect someone ask me i might help find you one with my friends or random hook up ok pm me i am always free to talk and see who is your match alright also i can help with sometimes with relationships too like feel like you are sad talk to me i can help keep togther or not ok peace out
Nicaragua: the place is awesome i not been there or born but my blood runs to that trait i love soo much because of our culture and stuff we have ruins and a wonderful scene or nature and the people there are nice too

i can't keep calm you know why because i love my trait and culture of who am i a Nicaraguan and nothing more better to show who we are and if someone in here that is one now comment on my profile to show that how we love our country or just just likes a bit no matter how like or not comment because i won't stop loving my country Nicaragua and my Nicaraguan blood GO NICARAGUA

nicaragua flag you might ask why white abd blue and pyramid too well white means peace because we are peaceful and blue means Caribbean sea and ocean and pyramid means the other states in central america

want to know:

where state i live in: georgia

thats all i have to say because i don't tell stuff like more stuff where i live ok only what state ok everyone

my bros on 3dsplaza:

darkknight,jaru,legoliker,LILBRO and dude98


my sis on 3dsplaza:

lulu12,toxingirl13,cms15,beauty101,hellokitty99,twinkz, songani and witchdoctor,taratara,kiki123


ATTENTION: people my friend legoliker he has a website on his profile he wants people to join his website so please join his website it has chatrooms like this place

ALSO:my friend crazygummy other friend has a website called try it out if you want it's kind of fun o3o


time i am on 3dsplaza:

at monday - friday 5:00 to 10:00 but sometimes 9:00 if i am too tired only at night

saturday - sunday in the morning 10:00 to 1:00 at night 5:00 to 10:00 like i said maybe 9:00 if i am tired and need sleep

weekends: like when school out for a week then i might be avabile for talk if i am sometimes if i do i always party and make me and my buds in real life end up somewhere like hangover the movie me and my buds end sometimes in houses or somewhere so yeah might be or not avabile maybe full day or just half by half day for talking like to 10:00 to 1:00 in morning and night 6:00 to 10:00 or later

also: if i don't pm you then i must be busy or tired or sleepy or most of them time i do party

also: you will find me and my profile at here of course and socialneko (same username o3o) yeah talk to me either of those websites peace

last time i update this: 7/19/13 july 19 2013

hjz does not have a Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS friend code.

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