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This profile is five years old, I've purposely left it abandoned.

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I might as well say this.

I have no desire to Roleplay as of now nor do I desire a happy life. Goodbye people, if you've been a long time friend you will be missed by me mostly. "Been here from the start and until the end." I once said this, I apparently lied.

When I was younger my goal of coming on this website was to become a forum moderator, after previously being one on many websites but that didn't workout at all.

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Current amount of RP awards: 2

Progress of my profile;
>inb4 3DSPlaza becomes tumblr

Akusa, a bright little chappy with powers.
Uzachi, a character with a personality that would fit someone with MPD, yet still able to use powers.

Tactical Characters show
Sensuma, a lightweight technical guy; developed a type of technology to create and use charmed weapons or cursed* weapons.
Lia II, a female character with the ability to enhance power strength and is also able to perform many magical tricks. (Additions: Unable to battle.)

An explaination of what a "cursed sword" is;
A sword developed with a unique power to be able to summon it's type of curse like summoning a blast of lightning towards your enemy with your cursed sword. Cursed swords have durability, after too much use they dissolve into a matter of gold dust.

Ahaha, I don't know anymore...
Head over to the RP room quicker; Plaza's Roleplays Room! (PRR for short)
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What Pokémon Am I?

(Hello RPers and others.)

I am an Android Gamer.
These are current games I play alot:

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Minecraft PE - 0.12.1 (build 3)
Minebuilder - 1.14.3
Modern Combat - 5
Order of Chaos - Online ( MMORPG )
Terraria - Valentine's Day Update

Forum Thread Posts?
Non so far.

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Sorry to have been a to anyone.

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 3456-5078-7569

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