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sempai was here
No, Other Sempai was here!
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Zachary blue eyes dirty blonde hair weapons;kuni dualbladed sword and shrunken traits;funny loving sarcastic crazy at times he also Wears glasses
history:Zachary Was abandoned as a kid and was left to fend for him self he has a few friends like Arc He lives in a forest where he is carefree and happy but also it happens to be were he meets many people he is very agile and is quick thinking (which has gotten him out of trouble) his theme song is Tiptoe By ImagineDragons

Silver: eyes: Snow white Hair: Silver Age:16 Abilities:Telekinesis and other physic Abilities Weapons:Chain sickel Bio:He is calm and collected Very smart and Very strong he is from a post appocolyptic world Where he had to fend for himself until he came to earth

Nameude Age:15 Hair:Blonde Eyes:Icy Blue Powers:Can controll Time Bio: Dude's parents Died in a plane crash when he was home at the age of 12. When he recived the news He doubted it and thinks his parents survived and are out there somewhere because his parents have survived many crashes. He has a burning pashion to find his parents. He also has a Growlithe named Loyalist that he has had since he was 8

Yeah probably no one remembers me, I wasn't that popular *Cough* My friends list means Jack *Cough*

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 2724-2731-2480

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