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Hello my name is Zackary. I like to rp and go on the forums. Im 18

Friends show
Shyness:You may kick me a lot and I like to throw steak and coffee at you, but over all you're a good friend ^^'. P.S. I amped up security
EpicMan561: Hold it! Your honor he is my Ace Attorney buddy. In justice we trust
PlayerArc: A nice guy and very friendly
Hiyori: She's nice to me and sometimes gets awkward
Emi: She's a friend that I like talking to and role play with. I've been friends with her for a while

Rp characters

Zack show
Age: depends on rp, but usually 17
Personality: Shy, nerdy, strong sense of justice. Can be nice.
Powers: Psychic but doesn't rely on it.
Skills: Swordsmen
looks: Short. Wears glasses. Usually wears polo shirts or a t-shirt. Wears formal clothes on occasion

Markus show
Looks: Brown hair scruff gray eyes. Wears adaptive clothes.
Personality: Markus is a bit curious, but he is willing to do any job necessary. He also likes meeting mythical creatures
Powers: Magic. He whispers the incantation
Bio: Markus is a traveler from the suburbs. He can create portals to travel to different universes. He usually camps if he thinks it's safe in the feild. He tries to get money by selling things he finds or by getting jobs

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 1848-1700-9585

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