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Ello loves i like turtles and tomatos and i am now coming back my loves!!And my lil sis and i are gonna be doing covers of anime and game song on youtube!!The channel be called TangledDreams!!! Now lovelys i am doing yaoi rps alot and i really like being uke but i will be seme ig you really want!!kk now just a lil info! Im 14 and 4"9 done!!!!
My top 7 buddehs!:
#1:godscastel my hawt seke =w=
#2: SirKitty My Boss like gentle man :raeg:/
#3:Nekoo my best huggie buddeh
#4:Canada aka Candi!My best buddeh
#5: Draken Best rping buddy :ydsay:
#6:Bloodshed My fellow yaoi lover
#7 : Alexander!!!my bestie buddeh
hmm,fook had a brain fart.. .-. oh!Got it Nu Random pms please!I would like to rp without having :"New Pm:-3dsplaza:1"you know!!so please just do it at the right time! Now shoo!!

Hmm, lets try this:If yourbored and an ass press 1 if your just an badass stalker press 2 if Your just an ass and came here to piss me off press 3 if all above press 4 /

My Skype:MrPuffinx
Tumblrhow Timex

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