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Aisuru Hakurei



Height/Weight/Body Type:
5'6"/135 pounds/Normal

Hair Color/Skin Color/Eye Color:

Common - Sneakers, jeans, green t-shirt, and a leather jacket.
Warm weather - Sneakers, cargo shorts, and a blue t-shirt.

Personality: Aisuru is very friendly and not prone to anger, but if the right buttons are pushed, you can guarantee
a hard fight.

Aisuru is what is known as a quadrigod - his mother was a demigod,
and she inherited the same powers she had. She is a grand daughter of Theodon, the Greek god of reality,
but hasn't had much difficulty against monsters. His godly aura just isn't strong enough to
attract their attention until she uses her powers.
She discovered her powers one day when taking a test in school. She had forgotten all of his pens
and pencils at home, and no one was willing to let her borrow theirs. She thought about his
favorite pencil and wished that she had brought it. Suddenly that same pencil appeared on her
Since then she has done all in her power to develop her abilities. She doesn't really know what
he wants to do with them yet, but she'll be ready when she finds out.

She always carries the pocketknife that her dad had given her, but other than that she carries
whatever weapon she creates.

Aisuru's powers are known as Omnificence, the ability to bend and shape reality, to create
with the power of the mind. Anything she can see in his mind, she can bring into the physical
world. She can even alter her own body to give herself a different appearance, or to give
himself a certain power that is needed in her situation.
Her only true limit is her mind, but she has a habit of leaving it unguarded.

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