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Name: Sophia
Age: Pm me your best guess
Birthday: October 16

RP Characters show

1. Name: Cassandra Silvers (goes by Cassie)
Age: 16
Bio: princess of angels, being hunted by dark angels and demons, mom was taken when she was little, normally nice and caring, but is a pretty good soldier when she has to be
Weapon: almost anything

2. Name: Sophia
Age: 17
Bio: parents died in a mysterious fire, can be harsh, can throw knives with deadly speed and accuracy, has a hard time trusting people
Weapon: knives and dual pistols

3. Name: Lilac
Age: varies per rp
Bio: somewhat shy, nice unless im mad, can play guitar and sing really well, rich but isn't stuck up

4. Name: Jewel Taylor
Age: 16
Bio: fallen angel, flirty, can be really mean if she wants, mysterious, likes being outside more than at home, lost her angel rank
Weapons: almost anything

5. Name: Vanessa
Age: Varies from 14-19
Bio: daughter of the devil, can be really dangerous if she's mad, causes a lot of trouble, has control over fire, flirty, can easily get humans to do what she wants, doesn't trust anyone easily
Weapons: Anything

6. Tania
Age: 15
Bio: newly made vampire, loses control and hunts when eyes turn red, never wanted to be a vampire, gets hurt if she stands in the sun too long
Weapon (only in some rps): A dagger with a powerful ruby in the hilt
(originally Vanessa16's character. she gave it to me)

If you want me to do your profile, PM me

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