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hello people! im Blaze! im a girl im both gothic and emo and im 15 years old(10th grade). I Iove anime, specifically legend of korra,bleach,yugioh(abridged), attack on titan,and black butler.I like to play video games like,zelda,sonic,pokemon,kirby,kingdom hearts, assassins creed,and anything with blood and violence. I love creepy-pasta's, and i accept all friend request.Im also a pyromaniac and I love wolves!!! And if you don't like Sonic,Shadow,or Silver then get the [censored] off my page.
My fav bands are:
My Chemical Romance
Black Veil Brides
Girugamesh (Japanese band)
...and a lot more but I'm to lazy to put them.
Bleach is love Bleach is life:
My favorite characters:
....and i will update this later

Random Sanic pictures show
Note from Silver Le smexy hedgehog (Rainbowwolf).: Ill delete the extra codes later...

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See more on [URL=]Know Your Meme[/URL]

See more on [URL=]Know Your Meme[/URL]

See more on [URL=]Know Your Meme[/URL]

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