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Profile Done By: Foreverluv show

rp: characters (The Greatest in the universe)
second Main OC(Deceased ) show
Jay Nazamachi: A teen-ager who was trained by Master Chan and has 3 blades named: Kumiko, Razor, and Kumichi, he has blonde hair with a black stripe, his abilities include Electric magic, he is the brother of Arc

DBZ OC show

Android7: The final creation of Dr.Gero whose power surpasses even ssjgod goku. He has blonde hair green eyes and is always wearing a vest. He's half-android, half-sayian

During Master Chan's intense training Android7 and Jay Uchiha learned how to fight faster and stonger.

Jay Uchiha beat the legendary Ano fair and square.
Sex: male
My new Love show
Relationship: I want to take the time to say I luv you Rachel (OmegaReploid)

Joey: an adorable little panda
Bleach OC show

Jake Nazu: A fullbringer who was a soul reaper but gained the powers of a fullbringer. He has white hair, red eyes and a zanpakto like toshiros. In his first form he is at his weakest, but in his hollow form he is strong enough to destroy Earth.

Main OC show

Young Jake: A 12 year old version of the hero, who has snow white hair and an alliance with Young Shadow. He has no true fear but is easily scared.
Jake (Teen)- He acts more like Jake (Adult) but is less mature.
Ultimate Jake: is the fusion of R'mon Mantem'ee and Jake.

Jake and Jay are brothers!
original Naruto OC show

Nizune Uchiha- A ninja who looks like his Gruncle Sasuke. He has 8 tails sealed inside of him. There is 1 form of Nizune for 1 rp: Naruto, he is a young genin. He has blonde sasuke like hair that he never cuts, he has sasuke's fist outfit on, and he has itachi's cloak over him!

Steven Universe OC show

Blaze Diamond: A gem who has the ability over fire, he is the 2nd fusion partner of Ruby, and Mentor to Steven. He has fire for hair and a body similar to Garnets but his weapon is a giant katana enveloped in flames.

Naruto OC #1 show

Nagoto Uchiha: is the son of Nizune, he looks just like his fatherbut is very timid.

Profile done by show

My best friend KimiSoul ^-^ and (ExoticModz)

Best Friends show


Best Friends show

1. PlayerArc: You are like a brother to me dude, plus you are like my mentor!
2. ChibiCrona: You are like the brother I never got but always wanted!

New Jake show

Demon Dragon is the final form of Jake. In this form he is extremely dangerous, he acts like a dragon sometimes.

My Facebook and Twitter and Kik info show

1. Facebook Name: Andrew Maxer (Pic is of SS Goku)
2. Twitter info: @LegendsRise4eva or REMIX
3. Kik: kocher213

Fusion of my OC's show

Ultimate Jay - The fusion of Ultimate Jake and Jay but has a ier attitude

Orion Nazu, The next in line show
Jake Nazu and Aneko (LovelyVamp's OC) had a son who was named Orion and his abilities are over Darkness and its properties are endless

Jake Nazu, The new Goku? show
Yes this exactly as it sounds Jake Nazu was created to be equal to Goku but now Jake has unlocked the Super Dragon form which is pretty much SSJ, This form has the same properties as SSJ but the users aura turns Silver as their hair does also..

The death of a very important person show
Jay Nazu was the other, kinder half of Jake but a recent confrontation with Frost has left Jay to be declared deceased...We all will miss and cherish you Jay, Goodbye my brother. From Jake

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 0748-6256-9036

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