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My name is andrew, im 15 years old, my b-day is on March 22, I know how too play the flute,im Mexican-American, my favorite tv show is Breaking Bad or Lost, my favorite video game is Skyrim, my favorite movie is 22 Jump Street, my favorite artist (in music) is Drake
Im always happy unless you make me mad but thats kinda hard. I accept all friends and I love making new friends. I love haters , and im not a hater. I dont get jealous easily. Im very funny, nice, and cool once you get to know me. Im always helpful, and im here when you need a friend or someone too talk too.

alphonse keroro, Ryan21, Cresentmoon, mya, meowler, kelsey11, sxylayla, sarahcute, IGORAWR, Barry, pammycakes, junaid, spector, and pinkmonkey

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To all the new 3dsplaza-ians who randomly wanna be my friend show
how do you find me? seriously

OH! Dont forget too get licked by my licky

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