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I'm a girl and I play video games.
Some of my games are Borderlands 2, BattleBlock Theater, Destiny, all of the DSi/3DS games of Kingdom Hearts and Pokemon, Overwatch, and several others.
I hate sports with a burning passion.

Some drawings I've made. show

RP characters show

Names: Saika Yuno and Angel Yuno.
Ages: Approximately known as the age ''14.''
Gender: Females.
Family: Nanako Yuno, (Alive angel mother.) Kishou Yuno, (Unknown demon father.) Tsukune ''Aono'' Yuno, (Dead demon brother.), a brother they both don't know about, and themselves.
Bio: Twin sisters, one of them, the half demon half angel (The one that looks like a demon.) is always happy. While the angel, is always sad, depressed and lonely. They will always fall for the same person, because it's natural for them. The angel may seem nice, but inside she's a total monster.
Angel's bio: When I reached the age 7 I had to go into the war with my brother, my father, and my mother. I was forced to leave my little twin sister behind, seeing as she had no wings, no nothing. After I had fought for the war and the angels of course winning, mother said I should go back into the guild. I didn't want to, but I had no choice.
Saika's Bio: When I was little my family had abandoned me. I was raised with my friend ''Hideki.'' When 7 more years had pasted I had meet many great friends. With Angel returning back to me. Everything was going so well...

Name: Hideki Saito.
Age: 17.
Gender: Male.
Relationship: Thinking about it.
Family: Akemi Saito. (Little brother.)
Bio: When was small he had to take care of himself and his brother when he was at the age of ten, he had met ''Saika'' when she was crying they both agreed to hang out because they had no friends and no family. Except for the fact that he did indeed have a family, at the time. After meeting Saika, he had forgotten his little brother.

Name: Akemi Saito.
Age: 14.
Gender: Male.
Relationship: Not looking.
Family: Hideki Saito. (Older brother.)
Bio: When reached the age 7. He was left alone without his brother for awhile till one day he wanted to know where he was going so he followed him. He saw that his brother was with some girl. He soon became jealous and angry, that he ran away.

Name: Kiyomi
Age: 6.
Gender: Female.
Relationship: Um. How about...No.
Family: Rin. (Little brother.)
Bio: ...

Names: Masami and Reina

Ages: 7.
Gender: Female.
Relationship: Doesn't bother.
Family: Their family but themselves are dead.
Bio: Twin spirits. When they were little they tried their best to fit in the human world. When they were at the age 6, Masami had forgotten her memory, thus forgetting that she had a sister. Reina, also known in the spirit world, ''Sister of the spirit, Masami.'' doesn't know that her sister had lost her memory and she still tries her best to make sure her sister happy.

Name: Snow Glisten.
Age: 16.
Gender: Female.
Relationship: Cold.
Family: She froze them all to death.
Bio: When she was little, she couldn't make ice or snow balls. Her parents punished her if she didn't make learn how to create at least an icicle. One day she had enough of it and went to her parents and froze them to death. Her eyes were completely dark yellow. Insanity. She then started killing everything and everyone around her. Until this age she stopped. She realized what she did and she couldn't forgive herself and went to Antarctica where she couldn't hurt anyone anymore. Her only friends were animals, the polar bears, penguins, any artic animal. Her best friend was a snow owl. She named the owl, Shiro.

Name: Kyoko.

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 013-013-013

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