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My Bff Here And Real Life Is Rene Ortiz ^.^ (Aka: xXReneOrtizXx) Love You Bestie <3

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1. Don't PM Me If You're Not Gonna Have A Conversation With Me.

2. I Won't PM You Back If You Reply 15-30 Mins Late.
(Unless You Tell Me That You're Gonna Do Something Important)

Just For Now, I'll Update Soon. And Have Fun Talking to Me. <3

One Day <3 /.\ show


*** About me ***

Name: Stephanie
Age: 16
Hight: 5'4
Sex: Bisexual
Kik: Ask (If I like you, I'll give it to you)


• Kind People
• Tacos
• Funny People
• Chill People
• Traveling
• My House
• Kitties ^-^


• Rude People
• People Who Calls You Names
• School
• Someone Whos Not Here For You
• Slow people -w-
• Sports ;P
• Boring People

*** Status: ***

Single [x]
Taken [ ]
Looking [x]
In Love [ ]
Crushing [ ]
It's Complicated [ ]

*** Rate Me: ***

1. I Want a Relationship With You
2. I'm Falling For You
3. I Really Like You
4. I'll Marry You
5. I Want To Kiss You
6. I Hate You
7. I Like You
8. I Have A Secret To Tell You
9. I Regret Leaving You
10. You Suck
11. We Should Get To Know Each Other
12. You're Ugly
13. Beautiful
14. Really Hot
15. I Love You So Much
16. My Type Of Girl
17. We Should Chill
18. I Like You But I'm In A Relationship
19. I Miss You
20. (Anything You Want)

Ayee!!! Im New feel Free To Message Me Somehow >.^ I Love Chatting Especially With New People! ;*

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