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No more Louis.:/

Hi! Im War! Thats not my real name but, you can usually find me in the RP room. Im weird, and i dont check my friend requests very often. I also dont like random PM's from strangers. Also, my best friend is Frazertim. Mess with him and die! Im joking...Or am i??? But im up to RP with you, as long as you're up for some strange humor! But yeah...Thats me so toodle loo!

Name:Emma Age:17 Description: Long Brown wavy hair, Dark Brown Eyes with specks of blue, 5"3, Normal,girllll

Rp #2
Name: Shadow Type:Tiger/Human Ability: Complete stealth and able to rip off limbs without trying and can move things with her mind.

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 0705-2055-2572

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