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My name is Mason. I'm 18 years old. Hopefully you guys know that I'm a guy just by looking at my name. I'm Walmart The Second. I was given this account because I really don't have a life. Tyler was a great friend of mine probably my first, but do to the fact that he has a life. He gave me his account...and nickname (at school). My favorite food is potatoes with bacon and butteh (butter). I don't know why potatoes are my favorite but I just enjoy them. And you can throw them at people and stuff which is always fun...anyways. ---- I work at Walmart obviously. Something apparently fascinating (what people think) about me is that I have a British accent. I live in Texas though. I wasn't born in Texas. Let's see if you can guess.. I don't ever remember mentioning this. Lol. I'm not a huge fan of sports. I don't play any currently but maybe I'll reconsider my opinion over sports. Anyways (again) I love cooking (very manly. Lawl), I love random art. And what I mean by that is that I love art that really doesn't have a set plan. I love pulling random items out of a shoebox and gluing it on to something. I want to be a bird when I grow up.
Who doesn't want to fly?! Flying would be amazing. Lol.

But seriously. I would like to be a doctor:

I live on peanut butter jelly sandwiches. They're practically all I eat nowadays...cuz I'm poor. ,_,

My new source of transportation:

Because who wouldn't want to roll around in a hotdogmobile?

My dream car:

A Barbie Car. Looks awesome!

My weird addiction:

I really like the taste of metal. Particularly iron. For some reason it just tastes really amazing to me.

I found this picture on Google:

For some reason I really liked it

Whenever I'm older; perhaps married I would like to have this as my house pet:

The best saying ever:

The using of christ's name, not necessarily in vain, but to exclaim surprise, disbelief, or disgust.

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