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[detect=pc] Hello there PC user![/detect][detect=3DS] Hello there, 3DS user![/detect]
Just to keep it short and sweet:
Miiverse NNID, DeviantART, Chatango, and Colors! 3D: "Raichu786". (DA and C!3D I barely use) (It's like the one when I was in Flipnote, but I wasn't that popular...BUT I DIDN'T CARE. ) I'm not the weirdo from long ago, or that social outcast...I'm actually confused when I look at the past me. Don't misunderstand me...
Bye. }:B (P.S. P.M. me first if you want to contact me through the above mentioned services)

Feel free to open all of the links~! show

(Random Fact: I'm not fond of human verification questions. I was registering for Splashiverse (20 character password is crazy, so I didn't finish. I was asked what 9 + 10 was, and I typed "21" thinking it was a joke. It wasn't.)

AND I AM OF THE MASCULINE GENDER. D:< (Don't ask for me to add you unless I've chatted with you through PM or invitation to a chatroom. [I doubt I'll be in one])

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 1590-5199-8554

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