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Hi my name is Dianni! I'm sixteen.

Best Friends: KagamineLen, Shoujogirl, lenkagamine, Rinkagamine,ciel, RainbowDash21, and Madara100.

My deviantART:Kyuuuuun
My Gaiaonline: Sakillie
Fags show

Nekochi- monstercat
Toribabu- GalaxyWarrior
Samuchii- Porterai
Pinbby -Pin_The_Person
Yumebaka -dreamcrusher
nightychen -Nightwing21
Salt -EpicMan561
Pipetta, Piper-chan -Slytherin-Piper
Zattack, Zackitten -dude98
ttell me if I forgot you~~

me show

What are thooooose / Que son esos show

GOT7 show

Tsunagiii show
Innocent-like. Fun. Airheaded. STACCATO.

Tsukiko Amagami show
Age 15, she has dark blue hair and purple eyes, and always wears a pink bunny hood. She is very fun to hang out with. Her magic is cute illusion, which is way more deadly than it sounds. She is pretty hateful to enemies. Also has mist magic, sleep-mist, healing-mist, and searching-mist. Also, her mist turns black when she's mad, and chokes whatever it touches.


She's a rich, spoiled 14 year old girl, human of course! Akiae is half Japanese, half British, and she has a little bit of both kinds of accents when she speaks. She has long, loose curly brunette hair that she keeps in a messy bun, and she wears colorful clips on the sides of her hair to keep it out of her face. Akiae is pretty self-centered around other people, so she hardly has friends. However, when she gets home to the estate, ANIME TIME!

Sakillie show
She has short curly/wavy green hair, brown eyes, and olive skin.She's 18. She wears a green sundress. Her height is 4'5" She is an elf that has practiced magic, and has gained the power of a necromancer. Sakillie uses nature to attack if she needs to. She can also heal. Sakillie is normally an antisocial.(Plants)

Hanako Uchiha show
Her mother is Hinata Hyuga, and her father is Sasuke Uchiha. She is part of Team Three, which contains Ace (xXJustin14Xx), and Night(Nightwing21). Sensei is Shikamaru. Hanako has long, blue-black hair like Hinata, and possesses Shakugan, which is a white Sharingan with the Powers of Byakugan.She's currently 14, and about 5'0".Currently a Chunin.

Riza Sabaku NARUTO OC show
She's 12 at the moment, and is in the academy. She wears her hair (red) in a single bao (I am obsessed with these I swear...)and her eyes are brown. She doesn't have a team yet, obviously. She's from Suna, the daughter of Gaara and Tenten. I don't even ship that tbh.

Hessa show
She's a shy mute girl who likes to listen to music, so she has headphones around her neck most of the time and they are connected to the iPod in her pocket. She thinks alot, and tries to motion what she's feeling or what she wants to say. Her hair is slightly wavy and a little lower than the chin,like the top of her shoulders, and is brunette.Sometimes she puts it in two tiny low pigtails.She has onyx eyes.Hessa is sixteen, and weighs about 90 pounds, and is 4'9". She normal wears long sleeves, long enough to cover her fingers, and jeans with furry boots.She can heal anything.

Chulei show
[IMG=275x400]//[/IMG] A teenaged girl ties a bit of her long teal hair into a small ponytail, and the front bangs into little braids. The rest hangs down resembling an ocean. She pushes her electric blue frames up her nose, and stares at the reflection of her brown eyes in the mirror. She smiles and fist pumps. She twirls around, her black pleated skirt twirls inside of her long, grey-blue coverup. She adjusts her tight white crop top to fit, and finally pulls on her white shinobi sandals and her arm length gloves. In the background, you can hear a woman's voice say,"Chulei, come on! You can't make Jay, Rainy, and Nick wait!" Chulei rushes downstairs.

Yuki Sanlan show
[img=275x500][/img]A girl with hair as blue as the sky, with a sheen of silver when her head turns, her hair is cut in a bob, save for two ponytails at the back of her head. She turns her head to the front. Her eyes are an ice blue, the lashes underneath seem frozen, long and noticeable. She adjusts her top. She didn't mind the cold. She was a missing nin now, her home of the Mist doesn't matter. She rakes her fingers through her bangs, that end just above the brow. Yuki was a nihilist, and she got straight to the point."Don't talk to me. You are trash." She slowly disappears. No o e would miss this Japanese Korean girl. She had no parents, after all. YUKI AS NARUTO OC
Anina show
A young girl stared at her caramel-colored hands. She stared at the reflection of herself in a small pond. Reflected was a girl with shiny black hair and eyes that were not of this world. She took notice of the letters on her wrist, small enough so only she can see. " is me?" She stood and turned to the metal ship that resembled bamboo, small enough to only fit her. " this?"
Team Three!! show
Hanako Uchiha, Ace (xXJustin14Xx), and Night.(Nightwing21). Sensei is Shikamaru Nara!

Akiae x King (Nightwing21)
Sakillie x Jay (monstercat)

ACNL Jung Sang squad~ show
Me, Slytherin-Piper, and dude98

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 3711-6980-3912

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