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I'm a guy........... I leik derp.

3DSP Stuff: I like 3DSDraw and Connect 4. Ask me and I'll most likely say yes. BTW PM me. I get bored. NO, I AM NOT LONELY! In the chat, I don't talk much. I'm willing to converse if thy say.

Gaming/other notes: I'm gtoad88 in H4D. I'm Toad88 in MCPE. I also got a Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Defiance (for DS) FC: 438497661984. (Note: Nintendo is removing Wi-Fi on DSi games after May 20. No more games...) Clash of Clans name: Toad88. Clan: Canadian Bacon?. I play CopsNRobbers (FPS) Gtoad88 as usual

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