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Hey Everyone, So here is my new and improved bio! c:

Name: Tiera Crystiel Gomez
Current Home: Alabama!
Height: 5'11
Eye Colour: One Blue and One Green
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Favorite Colour: Navy Blue
Favorite animal: Giraffes and sloths!!

About me:
I'm 16, I'm also a recording artist!! I've got three albums out!! Ask me about it! Shawn Mendes is my brother (not biological) he is the one person I can count on. I live in the church belt state of ALABAMA!!! Woooo!! Message me you guys!! I'm sure you'll enjoy the convo. You know the guy from the Weeknd? He's friends with my mom. Hi or Hey records is who I'm signed with!! 5sos fan? I've been in the studio collaborating with them. I'm pretty awesome!! Lmao

Relationship Status: I GOT DUMPED!! Haha oh well!

I'm a gamer so i love video games.
My idols are: PewdiePie,Cinnamontoastken, Cryaotic,Jesse,Jack

Pm me sometime! I love talking! Lol can't you tell

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