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Pan-Chan(Chancake): You made me a senpai again.(Update: You can speak Spanish. I had no clue.) #FreshStart
Yui-Chan(Katy): You just let me be your senpai. Thanks, Katy.
Silv-Chan(Silveon): You needed a I became yours.
Lia-Chan(Shyness):'re something know that? #PervySenpai
Sammy-Chan(Noun): I was surprised when you called me I'm your Senpai. #StructureSquadForever
Sniv-Chan(Snivy2): You made me a girl for a day...weirdest day ever. #GenderBender
Fluff-Chan(TheFluffiestSummer): I was surprised when you called me Senpai...30 seconds later...I became your Senpai.
Vampire-Princess-Chan(Ela): You've sucked my blood, now you're my Chan... Forever... -cue dramatic music-
Usotsuki-Chan a.k.a. Haru-Chan(Haruhiiiiiii): You were so lonely, but then I showed up. I pounded that loneliness into the ground and became your Senpai. #CoolestSenpaiEvah! also hail her she's the best
Red-Chan(redpaw###): You made me a Dodeca-Senpai... Thanks?
Nice-Chan(TheEpicOne): You thought I was a sensei... Silly Nice-Chan, I'm no teacher. (Senpai totally didn't think you were a guy. ewe)
New-Chan(Celebi2015): Am I really that cool? To the point where strangers ask for Chanship?
Ghost-Chan(LightBunny): Sorry Usotsuki-Chan killed you that day. I really need to get her under control. Anyways, welcome to the family. The strange, murderous, crazy family. Hope you like it.
Pin-Chan(Pin_The_Person): My newest Chan. ; - ; Saving Senpai's Plaza-less reign bit by bit.
Kate-Chan(HyperTheFox): You flashed me. Twice. You also keep calling me "Sempai". I'm a man damnit. Anyways, welcome to the family. Let's hope you don't end up like Ghost-Chan... Hehe...
I love you guys...never forget that!
At this rate, I'm going to have too many Chans to count.

So funny! show

torigirl35 as Victoria "Put the bra on." mr.apples as John "I can't use this. -3- I have no tits."

This profile was done by: show

Hansaki: The best profile mod I know...wait...the only profile mod I know. Thanks for the help! (I don't know why it's funny. It just is.)


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