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[updated 12/9/2018]
Gender: Male
Name: Luke
Age: 15
Grade: 10
Fav. system: Wii / 3DS
Fav. game: Mario Kart Wii

Switch Friend code: SW-4465-6304-6127
3DS Friend code: 4828-6510-3122 (Irrelevant now, I don't use that 3ds anymore)
MK7 Community Code: 65-4080-8824-6949
ACNL Town Name: 3DSPlaza

(gonna keep this here but why did i have it in the first place)
Creepypastas I've read so far:
Spoiler: show
Cubone's Revenge
Jeff The Killer
Jane The Killer
Smile Dog
The Couch
Little Emma
The Portraits
Eyeless Jack
Come Follow Me
Squidward's Scuicide

Pm me any more, because I want some nightmares!

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 4828-6510-3122

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