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Scree. Hey it's me, that one guy who was here for a long time way ages ago. I'm not returning probably hh. I don't
even know why i'm on this place right now aa

Zylon show
Zylon Species: Eevee, Gender: Male, Eye Colors: Ruby Red Eyes (in Combat) Leaf Green Eyes (When calm), Special way to recognize: Red Scarf, Story: Family killed by Team plasma when he was 8 yrs old. And he met Vexerz (Silveon) and Ace (WhiteBaryonyx) When he was 10, He hates to get dirty as it makes him feel uncomfortable His fur is extremely soft but just a pinch of dirt changes that He is very fast as well and he is also very timid because he doesn't trust many pokemon except Vexerz and Ace he swears that he will kill all of team plasma even if its the last thing he does he also used to have a friend named Sage who was separated from him when team plasma attacked he sometimes looks into the sky at night and wishes he could find Sage again. [img] [/img]

Liam show
Liam:Human Age: 15, Gender: Male, Eye Color: Aqua blue (Like Most of my Characters) Usual Clothing: White T-shirt With Red jacket and Blue Jeans. Traits: Has poofy hair and Doesn't like his hair getting messed up. Friends: None, Whenever i do a Hs Rp with Liam he is new so he is But he is good at making friends

Shamrock show
Shamrock Species: Leafeon, Gender: Male, Eye Colors: Scarlet Red (In battle) Hazel (When Calm) Traits: Surprisingly good at science,Lucky,Always gives good information and He Spreads Good Luck to anyone he likes Story: He was misused by Humans for science and he was genetically enhanced and made him able to do science the Experiments that were tested on him also caused him to be Super Speedy yet not very strong however the experiments also made him extremely lucky

Sun show
Sun: Species: Fenneken, Gender: Male, Eyes: Ice Blue (Calmness) Fire Red (Angry/Combat), Traits: Tends to rush into battles but means no harm, REALLY playful and hes a Trickster, Story: He used to have a trainer but got released after rushing into too many battles and getting injured his trainer let him go so he could train. he promised that one day he would go back to his trainer and show how much he has grown [img] [/img]

Glow show
Glow Species: Umbreon (Shiny) Gender: Male, Eye Colors: Sunlight Yellow (Calm) Dark Purple (Combat/Angry), Traits: Calm,Forgiving and Stubborn of the Truth, Story: He was a little Eevee When he was caught by an abusive trainer and was forced to evolve into an Umbreon against his own will using a secret method by destroying an everstone and merge it with a moon stone and giving it to him he was trying to keep calm as he didn't want to become an Umbreon he wanted to be an Espeon [img] [/img]

Syupin show
Syupin Species: Vispeon (made up ghost type eevee) Gender: Male, Eye Colors: Aqua Blue (Calm) Fire Red (Angry/Combat), Traits: Caring,Fair and He is very Passionate, Story: He was wandering along a forest alone when he saw a trust building Colosseum he decided it was time to make friends he went in and was set up with a teammate named Myst who was a Vaporeon She trusted Syupin rather quickly but it took Syupin a bit of time to trust her perfectly They completes the tests perfectly without fail then they went to the woods where Syupin was before the training.

Myst show
Myst Species: Vaporeon, Gender: Female, Eye Colors: Pink (Calm) Light Purple (Combat/Angry) Traits: Shy, Trusts Really Qucikly and Always hides behind Syupin when scared, Story: She and her trainer Ruby got along so well but when Ruby's Charmeleon Skya finaly evolved into a charizard it scared Myst to death as she looked so different so she was sent to trust camp so she could learn to trust Skya again she was paired up with Syupin not Skya unfortunately but she and Syupin grew to trust eachother quickly and made it out together and back to Ruby where she said that Myst was released and they went off to play in the woods.

Sage show
Sage Species: Skitty, Gender: Male, Eye colors: Navy Blue (calm) Light Orange (Angry/Combat), Traits: Powerful Yet resistant,Tries to keep calm under pressure and Really Brave and Defensive of those he cares about, Story: He was Zylon's best friend until team plasma attacked Zylons family and they were separated he now constantly roams the world looking in hopes to runite with Zylon and Kill team plasma for what they've done .[img] [/img]

Kyu show
Kyu Species: Human/Pikachu (I'll explain later), Eye Colors: Grey (calm) Red (Angry/Combat) Gender: Male, Traits: Lonely,Sad,Dull and Loves High Places, Doesn't know how to swim and makes excuses when asked to, Story: He used to be a full pikachu with a trainer named Obsidian his trainer was a happy person but Kyu was alone he was angry that others got love but he was alone and he lashed out one day, but a plusle that he dissed cursed him and turned him into a human with a pikachu tail and pikachu ears until he finds true love however he will suffer heartbrake as he will turn back into a pikachu... [img] [/img] <-- Human form [img][/img] <--- Pikachu Form

Sivyan show
Sivyan Species: Sylveon, Gender: Female, Eye colors: Pink (when calm) Scarlet Red (angry), Traits: Shy,kind,a bit brave, and outgoing when necessary Story: She used to be a little eevee happily frolicking with her family and friends.She was sometimes teased for her pink eye color but only in good fun. She met a trainer who caught her, she thought the trainer looked nice and was happy but, she was wrong the trainer was abusive and made her work really hard while giving the other pokemon, a trusty lucario the privilege to do nothing all day while Sivyan worked. It was unfair so Sivyan ran away into a forest as fast as she could so she could rest and get away from the abusive trainer.(Credit to silveon for giving me ideas for the story and traits!) [img] [/img]

Arctic show
Arctic: Gender: Male, Species: Human/Glaceon (born it naturally), Traits: Impatient, Quick Tempered and he Usually Blushes and Stutters when a girl accuses him of something, Eye Colors:Ice blue (Calm) ThunderBolt yellow (angry), Story: He was born a human with glaceon ears and tail and was fine with it, his impatient nature made it so nobody insulted him, called him a freak, or even came close to him. His first friend was Kyu but Kyu always aggravated Arctic but he never once hit Kyu he doesn't care much for friendship as he says its a waste of time because eventually the once you once called friends will forget your existence unless you are with them the rest of their life.

Kippy show
Gender: Male, Species Mudkip, Eyecolors: Clear (calm) Dark Grey (Angry, Combat) Traits: Unique eye colors, Great at dodging Usually easy to defeat, Story: Kippy is a generally happy mudkip with not much to fight about and nobody to fight with, he is usually a solo going mudkip only teaming if he absolutely has to which can sometimes be a problem

Depth show
Gender: Male Species: Vulpix EyeColors: Ruby Red (calm) Black/Dark grey (Battle) Very Dull Ruby Red (Near-Death)Traits: Very unlucky, Always alone, Usually very depressed. Story: Depth is a vulpix that is always alone and he can never make any friends for one sole reason. Almost every single pokemon he meets dies a day later. Because of this problem he is always very depressed even to the point of almost accepting death. But sometimes he looks up to the starry night sky and believes all the deaths are just coincidences and continues living to find out.

Destine show
Gender: Male. Species: Zorua. Eyecolors: Aquamarine (Normal) Violet (Battle/Angry) Traits: Calm, Understanding And Always Thinking. Story: "Have you ever...gone away for a while? or just for a few days, only to come back and have nobody remember you?" Destine would ask others and himself sometimes. His answer though? "Yes"
Destine used to hang out with Zylon, Sage and Sun, but one day he decided to take a little trip to a new region in hopes of meeting interesting pokemon. He came back a few years later but none of his "friends" remembered him, as if he never existed. Now he is on his own...possibly forever


Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 4484-9915-5017

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