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I'm always on my computer, whether it be browsing the internet or playing games. I'm obsessed with WoW (World of Warcraft) I only play it on my friends computer when I get the chance because I currently don't have enough money to buy it myself. I do a lot of roleplaying (any kind will do) so if you are in the mood to rp come find me.


name: Spirit
age: 15
hair: black
eyes: purple
bio: Spirit is the daughter of a angel and fallen angel. Her mother mysteriously disappeared when she was 5 years old and not long after that Spirit's farther took her to a underground lab where he experimented on her. She escaped a few years later and ever since then she has been on the run, hiding from he father and other people who want to take her power. A few months after she escaped she found out that she could summon a sword made of both darkness and purity. And that's when she started protecting others from the evil that no one saved her from.


Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 5257-9395-6761

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