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hi im shadow. im 15 years old. I love creepypasta, anime, yaoi, sasunaru, writing fanfiction. my favorite colours are black , red, purple, and blue. my hobbys are archery and knife practice, yelling at my friend. the number one thing that I hate are kids that don't listen. im very quiet and crazy. if I don't listen you then im not paying attention. my friend tigergirl454 helped me edit my profile.i sometimes feel like its me against the world annd im losing. i also feel like im so stupid that people will treat me like a blonde. I just published the first part of my book on wattpad.

animes i have watched show
black butler, soul eater, naruto, bleach, chaos head, attack on titan, junjou romantica, kaze no stigma, bravo girls, baka and test, hetalia, ouran highschool host club, kirepapa, fairy tail, No.6, RWBY, suggest more please

fave artists show
3 days grace, blood on the dance floor, jeffree star, nightcore, hollywood undead,

Fave Homestuck Characters show
Karkat Vantas, John Egbert, Dave Strider, Gamzee, Tavros, Jake English.

RP Characters
Name: Shadow Age:17 Hair: Red Eyes: Red About: Raised from the Grim Reaper him self she masters in swords especially in the Katana she can steal your soul with a swipe of her sword she looks like an average teen with red hair and eyes when she's mad her black wings appear and her strength grows its next to imposable to beat her

Name: Danny Age: 17 Hair: Black Eyes: Red About: He is an assassin. he like guys and is antisocial. He always has a sword on him.

High School
Name: Satin Age: 17 Hair: Blond Eyes: Red About: is very popular loves music can play electric guitar very well can be very mean

Name: Blaze Age: 17 (170000) Hair; Silver Eyes: Red About is a shadow dragon only when mad she has a very little temper she is very she and has next to no friends

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tigergirl454, ShadowMaster

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