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My name: Ryan
I live in Germany, still speak better english then german.
crushed[o]not verly...


Here Rp datas
RolePlay show

Ryan (actually i use this name on all rps)
<category> Highschool/Fantasy
Age 17-18
Bio Black Haired, Lime Green Eyes, Funny, Strong, Seldom serious.
Skills (for fantasy rp)
Can use Magic Spells and can summon a Soul Reaper Sword, needs mana to stay alive and he can sense living objects or humans, un-deads cant be sensed.

Ryan (pet: Wolf puppy)
Age 2 years old
Bio A little wolf with a bunch of powers, he is like the ninetailed from the anime Naruto , he lives in a forest but he cant really defense himself.
Skills Can shoot fire und lightings, when he activades his Biju Form he will become a demon wolf and shoots comets.


he is a Dragon and the Brother of Blaze (FireBlaze), he is one of the
Legendary Dragons, he can turn to a Human and have special abilities.

Skills He is a Hell-Moon Dragon, his power comes from the moon, at night he is immortal, he have a orb that allows him to use physical rays.

I Love Roleplaying. Actually, I just go to the Rp Chat Room :-D

Rate my Rp Style In the Comments or in the Forum

Oh, here is space for Special Friends

its fun to rp with ya, your cool and a good rper C:!

your cute C: , i like to rp with ya!

your the best Rper i ever seen, i like your Style btw, Dwagon 4 Ever ^.==.^

Thats it c:

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