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^^ if you have any questions about me just feel free to PM me. As time goes on I'll be filling my profile in bit by bit

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Well I'm from Russia, born and raised in Moscow. Moved to America in 2010. I love America! My name is Anastasia. My nicknames are Anniestasia, Annie, Russian Person, and Russia. I write and read English SO MUCH better than speak. I speak English really bad! I'm a what you would call a junior in high school. I'm 16 years old. My birthday is in November 24. I love art a lot! I use to be extremely good at it. I don't watch tv other than the news or movies on DVDs. I like to cook a lot and I cook for myself most nights! I have a younger brother that is 6 years old! (:

(More soon)

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Foreverluv, my good friend did and even helped me do my profile. (Don't worry I still have all the codes -Foreverluv

RussianPerson does not have a Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS friend code.

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