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Yay, finally back in da USA!

Check out my flipnote drawings and animations:
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[simg] Roxas/yuisakura_24/anime/KH2__Roxas_last_stand_by_Mizu_Luci.jpg[/simg]

I love Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. RPGs FTW! Also luv anime&manga. Favorite Anime: Sgt. Frog. Favorite Manga: Naruto. Also obsessed with Gundams...
I have Kid Icarus: Uprising and Swapnote, but not MarioKart7 yet. Also own 3DS, DSi and Wii and a ridiculously long list of stuff

Apparently people like how I do profiles on here, I did a LOT of people's, still needa do a bunxh... So I'm kinda busy, I hafta input codes & urls on 3DS while reading them off my DSi... so it takes a while, since I gotta go through lots of images online to find ones to use and all. Sorry but I don't think Ima do any more or finish all the ones I'm already suppose to~
Hey, anyone have WarioWare D.I.Y.? I love making games on there and need more friends on it.

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(type any of these without the space I added after the first letter/symbol in each for the face across from the command text)
That's all folks~
[simg] 1285203894_6.00_00[/simg]

See my pokemon on poliwager

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 1289-8708-3773

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