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My name iz Tyshawn about me: my [removed] Felton realest ik rn I had too ckum repckesent fo mi CKUZ HE WAS LIKE BLX U SHOULD [removed] WIT DIS SITE I BE [removed] WIT SOO I CHECK DA SITE OUT AND IM LIKE WTF ISZ DIS SO HE SHOWED HIS [removed] AND HE SHOWED ME DEEZ [removed] DAT BE TALKIN ALOT OF [removed] DEY KNO HE DEY ISZ BUT THATS ALL I GOT DA SAY. RN SOO WHEN I PULL UPCK ON YAW BISH AZZ [removed] DONT SAY [removed].soo yawusl sckum but yeaa I [removed] wit da real [removed] NOT ENEMYS
. And all yaw hmu tho yaw ugly unless u goin suck dis ah I wit my age 17 and upck ckuz Thats me but look my pday isz 8.21.97 Rate me: cute😜 wanna πŸ˜‚ wanna keepck it πŸ’― inbox me :wanna have Auh baby whickh I doubt but yeaa yeaa [removed] fakee [removed] AND FAKE BIXCHES ckuz [removed] ISZ TO FLYYY FO ALL DAT [removed] MY DISSES ISZ JACQUELL AKA BIXCHE [removed] THATS IT FO NOW BUT CHU KNO IF ANY OF YAW [removed] [removed] TRY ME GOIN [removed] AROUND AND CKATCH AUH BODY ON IFGS!!!!!!

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