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This time I might just disappe-e-ear!

You're better off finding me on Tumblr.

When I'm inactive, I'm probably grounded or have a lot of school work.

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Use these at your own risk, If I don't approve, don't get mad at me. If I have just met you, I prefer you call me PokeCat or Poke.

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SackThing101 and SSBChampEcho

Roleplay Characters:
Alexandra Subarashii show
"I'm a PokeNerd and Sonic Nerd. Weird is what I am. Problem?"

Full Name: Alexandra Pauline Subarashii

Also Known As: PikaGirl, Pok����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������©, Lexi, Alex, Freak

Alignment: Good, rarely Neutral

Affiliation: Team Heterochromia

Likes: Pok����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������©mon, Sonic, art, her Pikachu hat, talking with friends, making gifts, getting what she wants, talking, laughing, smiling, making others smile

Dislikes: Digimon , people who insult her or her friends, people who make fun of Sonic or Pok����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������©mon, Lavender Town, Creepypastas, death, screaming, crying, seeing people cry, making people cry, getting hurt, feeling useless or unwanted

Skills: Knows karate, strong fists, planning, creating things with her mind

Bio: Born 16 years ago in a small town in New Hampshire, she has been a gamer nerd thanks to her brother since she was 4. She played every game she could get her hands on and would often refuse to put them down or pause the game. When she started school, she was an instant laughingstock and was bullied by many of her classmates. As she grew older, she continued to game and would often talk to people she thought were her friends about the games she really liked. Later, however, she would come to find out they weren't her friends at all. Through middle school and the beginning of her high school years, she was beat up, stuffed in lockers, cut with knife, bashed off brick walls, and even had her Pikachu hat and clothing lit on fire. Now a Junior in high school, she takes more beatings than ever and uses games and artwork to exspress herself and shut out the world around her. She started creating several characters based off of her favorite fandoms; Sonic, Mario, and Pok����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������©mon, and she would draw an write stories about them to exspress how she felt at any given time, and she even sang songs about them.

On her 14th birthday, she bought a Pikachu hat from a fair she had gone to. It was hand-crafted, and had a vibe to it that made her want it even more. She took it to her room that night and gazed at it lovingly. The hat was something she truly cared about, and suddenly, the hat started to glow. It's figure changed and shifted in her hands, and she watched in awe as the light faded, revealing a living, breathing Pikachu. It looked at her and smiled, letting out a little cry and making Alexandra smile too. She decided to name the little Pikachu "ChiChi" and was shocked to find she could speak English. ChiChi told her that she was Alexandra's Pikachu hat now, and that she would stay by her side no matter what. The two remained friends for years to come.

On her 15th birthday, she stood in the woods, staring at her half-destroyed tree, which she had taken her anger out on for so many months. Her hands started to burn, and she tore her gloves off, revealing a single red ring on each of her palms. She heard a gentle voice whisper, "It's because you believed..." She was confused but after awhile, found that she had gained all of the powers of her original characters. She had always believed that they were real, but she had never thought that she would have their powers.

Personality: Humorous, kind, gentle, caring, acts tough extremely often, shy to new people, loud, wacky, weird, silly, gullible, defensive, sometimes annoying.

Roleplay Places
The Mansion Of Mobius show
WARNING: This story can be very frightening to some people, read at your own risk.

In the outskirts of Mobius, there lies a mansion. Old and abandoned, only a few possessions lie inside. Animals do not venture near it, but those that do are found dead not long later. Occasionally, blood can be found staining the half-dead grass that grows in front of the ominous mansion. None go inside, for those that do, release a monster that cannot be easily bested.

As you enter the Abandoned Mansion Of Mobius, you see many flasks, beakers and test tubes scattered along the tables, some shattered, others fulling intact containing colorful liquid. It is believed a scientist once lived here. A single picture frame hangs upon the wall, depicting a figure only looking slightly different than you. You can't help but feel like you're being watched as you look towards a strange full length mirror lying alone in the back of the room.

The frame of the odd mirror appears surrounded by sharp teeth and eyes that seem to stare into your soul. As you stand in front of the reflective surface of the mirror, your face stares back at you. You become mesmerized and begin to speak into the mirror, which comes at a terrible price. As you speak and move, the figure in the mirror mimics you, but only until you've finished. The figure continues to look back at you in the silence, but suddenly, it begins to move on it's own. It begins to speak back to you in a haunting voice that causes your hair to stand on end and chills to run down your spine. It acts as if everything is alright and comments on what you had said before, even saying your name. When you get nervous and tell the figure that's not what you said, that's when something that had seemed so innocent turns deadly.

The figure looks up at you, still looking exactly the same as you. It smiles and says, "That's because, I'm not you." It sticks it's head out of the mirror, causing you to stagger back. It's eyes change from being white with irises and pupils, to being black as night with only blood red dots for pupils. It's teeth become fangs, it's fingers like talons and it matches the picture you saw when you first entered. It jumps out of the mirror completely, lunging it's sharp claws towards your throat.

If you somehow manage to get away, for days, weeks, months, or even years, your other half, your evil half, your Anti, will hunt you down. It will make you suffer, and eventually it will kill you.

Beware of The Mirror Of Horror...

Friends Comments On My Profile:

ChampionGreen was here, and he customized your profile background with lots of love. <333

^No Chad, shuddup. Hay Alex, ILove you. You're my bestest fwrand. Heheh. Meow. -Nutellaaa

(ChampionBlue Approved~)

Luigi was here and this girl is great! She cries, I cry. We should all pray for this girl, be kind to her, and she may be friends with you! This was Luigi, logging out. /

I decided since my note was the most special, it should be the last thing you see. Well just wanted to say you're awesome and you're one of my bestest friends. Je t'aime.<333 Esyay Iway ashay away rushcay noay ouyay. e///e But that doesn't matter, I luff chu girl! If anyone hurts her I will track you down and kill you. ^^ -KyleKitten

I am thankful for Thanksgiving that I have PokeMod, the best friend the world could ask for, there can't be another. -Wolf

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey /
Amina here!
This girl ish the nicest around, along with other great friends I know. Don't mess with her nao.

Thanks for stoppin' by! It was great to see you, but gotta run!

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