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Hello! If you wanna talk, just PM me!
(Or if you wanna roleplay)

so... Stuff about me!
I watch lots of anime and I love shows like Doctor Who.
Yeh... I'll make a show list later...


Zoe show

Name: Zoe Jackson (formerly Michaelis)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Originally demigod (daughter of Hades and Serena Michaelis, a demon). Currently Goddess
Occupation: Goddess of Creepypastas
Abilities: Teleportation, control over creepypastas, all Creepypastas abilities, ability to take on a creepypasta's personality, control over the dead, control over riches, talk to the dead
Personality: Generally calm, usually nice. Most other gods dislike her.
Mental State: Stable
Looks: Relatively pale skin and black hair and eyes (result of being a daughter of Hades), her hair is fairly long, about to her waist but not quite.
Weapon: Whatever she wants.
Other: DON'T QUESTION ANY OF THIS LOGIC! My friend made this OC for me. K? She in da Percy Jackson fandom.

Lily show

Name: Lillian Prumosh
Age: 19
Gender: female
Species: Vampire
Occupation: Vampire Queen
Abilities: Speed, strength
Personality: Highly paranoid and often sees things. Used to be a good queen until brought mad by all the murders she had committed at a young age. She talks to few people.
Mental State: Unstable
Looks: Long, black hair and a crown of bones made by her former friend, whom she killed after losing it. She has a long black dress, but can be wearing whatever she's in the mood for. She has an amulet to prevent her from burning in the sun.
Weapon: A silver sword, enchanted to not burn her.

Luna show

Name: Luna
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Species: Demon
Occupation: Demon
Abilities: All general abilities associated with demons. She can shift into a snake.
Personality: Generally bitter and slightly rude, unless you are someone she's grown used to.
Mental State: Stable
Looks: White hair that goes down to her butt and purple eyes. Pale skin.
Weapon: A rapier that is enchanted to not break or bend.
Other: Will form a contract in exchange for a soul. NOTE: It is demon lusting season.

Alice/Alex show

Name: Alice/Alex Prumosh
Age: 19
Gender: Female/Male
Species: Dark Elf
Occupation: Daughter/son of dark elves queen, to take throne of from her mother next. Alex will work under her.
Abilities: Enhanced magical abilities. Speed. Strength. Agility. Lifespan.
Personality: Very nice. Generally very logical though. / Acts tough but seriously isn't.
Mental State: Both stable.
Looks: Brown hair that reaches her shoulder blades and green eyes. / Same as his sister, but shorter, messier hair.
Weapon: Knife / Dagger
Other: They are twins.

Sam show

Name: Sam
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Occupation: Servant of the former queen, still servant to her even though she no longer is queen.
Abilities: same as Lily
Personality: He's rude and will do anything for "it" with a hot girl.
Mental State: Stable
Looks: Black, short hair that reaches his ears.
Weapon: Sword
Other: Used to be Lily's servant, he stays with her because she begs him to.

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