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I've been on this site since I was like 9 and that was soooooo long ago. I've kind of forgoten about it until now. I almost never check this so if you want to talk you have to follow me on Instagram


It's the one with like 2000 something followers. So please follow me and talk to me! I'm so lonely!!!

I don't remember most of the coding things on this but I will try to put pictures of me ^-^

Maybe I can do it.....



Theybwont show up. Oh well :/

Things you should know first:
I'm gay!
I come with a lot of problems :/
Im very sad and broken and lonely...

Uhhh.... That's it I guess.....

Comment! I love comments and pm's so yup have a nice day!!!


Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 2929-2992-9229

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